Botox was misunderstood for the longest time but now, more than ever before, people are opening their eyes to the reality of the treatment that is often misconceived as drastic, invasive and unsafe.

Don’t be misinformed — don’t believe the TV shows that portray Botox as an extreme procedure that leaves you looking unlike yourself. In reality, Botox is a minimally invasive, subtle cosmetic treatment with the capabilities to boost your confidence and enhance your existing glow.

If you are considering Botox, be sure to educate yourself by identifying the truth behind common Botox myths — it’s important to gauge what the treatment can do for you.

Botox has made such strides that, in addition to becoming more accepted, the procedure is now being used to treat medical conditions.

As a matter of fact, according to the Daily Telegraph, of the $5 billion spent on Botox in the US in 2017, over half was spent for medical purposes.

In reality, not only can Botox be incredibly subtle, but it can also be used to treat a wide variety of medical conditions. It’s no wonder why, according to, the demand for Botox has increased by a whopping 797 percent since 2000.

Botox is no longer just a cosmetic solution. It is now a trusted cosmetic treatment that can also be used to improve a wide variety of medical circumstances. We are a cosmetic and laser clinic that offers Botox treatments in downtown Toronto for a variety of purposes.

If you are interested in any of our treatments, be sure to get in touch with us today – we’re happy to answer any of your questions.

There are so many laser treatments and injections available — we know, we offer them too — that sometimes Botox is forgotten as a legitimate method to treat different treatments.

Here is everything you need to know about the medical conditions that can be treated through Botox injections:


Botox was approved by the FDA to treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) back in 2004. Since then, there have been discoveries that Botox can help excessive sweating in areas other than underarms.

This condition can be embarrassing and incredibly uncomfortable, which is why it’s so beneficial that Botox can effectively treat it. At Baywood Clinic, we’ve been using Botox to treat axillary (underarm hyperhidrosis) for almost two decades now.

To be honest, the FDA-approved Botox treatment for hyperhidrosis is so efficient that you could even get it on your lunch break!

The procedure involves small injections in 8 to 12 spots around your armpits — it’s so minimally invasive that you won’t even need to use anesthetic. We use tiny needles that are typically used by diabetic patients to administer their insulin.

You can trust that when you choose our clinic for your Botox treatment all of our procedures are performed by board-certified physicians with ample experience. We pride ourselves in only using Allergan’s licensed Botox — you won’t find off-brand Botox solutions at our clinic.

While we don’t offer Botox treatments for the following medical conditions, it is important to note that the solution does, in fact, boast capabilities to treat these medical concerns:

Neck Spasms: Allergan — the company behind Botox — got approval to use Botox to treat neck spasms back in 2000 before it was approved for any other use. It wasn’t until 2002 that the solution was approved for cosmetic purposes.

Bladder Issues: The FDA has approved Botox as a legitimate treatment for overactive bladder. One study showed that 70 percent of women observed with existing bladder problems reported only three leaks a day compared to the five leaks experienced before getting treated by Botox.

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Mental Health: While Botox has not yet been approved by the FDA to treat depression, more and more research is coming out linking the treatment to improved mental health.

A 2014 study in which 74 people were injected in between their eyebrows with either Botox or a placebo solution found that those injected with Botox saw a 47 percent decrease in their depression symptoms. This is comparable to the 21 percent decrease experienced by those injected with the placebo solution.

The concept behind using Botox to treat depression and anxiety is that by injecting the solution into the muscles activated when we express negative emotions, your brain isn’t signalled to experience these feelings. 

Migraines: According to Migraine Canada, Health Canada approved Botox as a method to treat migraines back in 2011. However, it is important to note that it is only suggested to use Botox as a treatment if you experience over 15 migraines a month.

The way it works is that the Botox is injected to block neurotransmitters from sending the signal to your brain that tells your body to feel pain.

The procedure itself includes a total of 31 injections made around your central neck areas and head muscles.

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Crossed Eyes: Botox is used to treat a variety of eye disorders not limited to crossed eyes and eye spasms. Actually, crossed eyes (strabismus) was one of the first medical conditions Botox was approved by the FDA to treat. According to Time, this condition impacts 4 percent of Americans.

According to Mother Nature Network, Botox is injected into the eye muscle to correct crossed eyes — this injection allows the muscle to relax and refocus itself.

Eye Spasms:  This was one of the first medical uses of Botox to ever get approved by the FDA –  according to Healthline, using Botox to treat eye spasms was approved way back in 1989.

When injected, Botox blocks the neuromuscular junction where eye nerves communicate with muscles. It cuts the communication site’s access to the nerves so that the muscles become paralyzed. In other words, Botox temporarily paralyzes eye nerves to prevent further spasms.

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