Jaw Reduction and TMJ Pain

Botox jaw reduction Special

  • SPECIAL:  first time patients first 60 units are $499 plus HST. Additional units, if needed are $10 each
  • Since 2001, our Doctors and Registerd Nurses have personally treated thousands of patients
  • Botox can reduce the size of the masseter muscle, slimming the jaw or to reduce TMJ/tooth grinding
  • Typically, 30-40 units per side are used once every 6-12 months but this can vary by patient.
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Botox is a regulated medication that requires a doctor’s prescription by law. The College of Physicians of Ontario requires a physician perform the initial consultation and assessment of every new Botox patient. You will meet the Doctor in person. No shortcuts – no pressure – you can be sure you will feel comfortable.

Toronto Botox Jaw Slimming

Are you thinking of trying Botox to reduce the size of your jaw? Our doctors and nurses have used Botox for masseter reduction for over 20 years. We have helped many hundreds of happy patients.

The injections are comfortable and it usually takes about 10 days to begin to notice a difference in your masseter and jaw size. Typically the muscle size remains smaller for about 6-8 months, but can vary.

We only use Health Canada approved prescription Botox for your Toronto Masseter reduction. It is licensed by the Allergan Company. All injections are performed by our licensed Physicians or highly experienced Registered Nurses.

Botox for TMJ and Teeth Grinding

Botox is also very effective for these conditions. We get many referrals from dentists to help their patients with their TMJ pain and their teeth grinding. The treatment is the same as for the Toronto Botox Masseter reduction. It also lasts about a 6-8 months, but can vary.