If you are looking to shed years off of your face, why drop money on ambiguous anti-ageing creams when you can invest in Botox injections with proven results?

Anti-ageing creams have long claimed to have miracle abilities. Their self-claimed face-lift effects have been chalked up to their rejuvenating ingredients like peptides and retinoids. Although considering the hefty price tags attached to these products, you have to wonder just how miraculous these ingredients are.

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These services offer visible results while the effects of anti-ageing creams are often a toss-up. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that the administration is “concerned about drug claims made for products marketed as cosmetics, such as skincare products with anti-wrinkle or anti-ageing claims that involve supposed effects on the structure or function of the skin.”

Botox and other fillers, on the other hand, deliver on their promises. You can rest easy knowing that we’ve been doing Botox treatments for years in Toronto and are staffed with board-certified professionals who personally perform the procedures.

The reality is that there are a wide variety of factors that prove the claims of anti-ageing creams to be snake-oil promises:

Ingredients: Side Effects & Various Impacts

Anti-ageing creams’ claim to fame is their active ingredients with alleged skin rejuvenating properties.

Effects of Common Ingredients: Ingredients like peptides and retinoids are supposed to have miracle capabilities, but they can have a different impact on various skin types.

The thing is, according to VICE, retinoids are considered a “gold standard” in anti-ageing creams as they have restorative properties. With that said, the ingredient can also irritate the skin and cause redness and flaky skin.

More Side Effects Than Botox: People love to talk about the misconceived “side effects” of Botox (spoiler: there aren’t really many), but what so many forget to talk about are the side effects of anti-ageing creams.

Due to the strength of the aforementioned ingredients of these creams, side effects like irritation and hyperpigmentation are common.

The High Price Tag

A lot of anti-ageing creams have pretty hefty price tags attached to them, which provides the illusion that they must be effective — but this couldn’t be more wrong.

A lot of the time, these creams will set you back a pretty penny but won’t work any better or faster than others. That said, considering anti-ageing creams can cost you up to 400 dollars for a small tub, the cost of Botox units can end up saving you more in the long run. 

What Do They Actually Do?

As mentioned, the miracle ingredients in these creams aren’t always as effective as promised. Evan A. Rieder, MD, assistant professor in the Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology at NYU Langone Health, explained to Insider that when it comes to the effectiveness of these creams, it depends on the product’s formulation.

“There are some good products on the market made with vitamin C and E, which are both known antioxidants. But the devil’s in the details,” he warned. Just because a company says they’re using Vitamin E or C doesn’t mean it’s effective. It depends on the vehicle it comes in, and the way the molecules are structured.”

It’s Surface Level: Anti-ageing creams that plump up the skin give the illusion that you are wrinkle free without actually repairing your fine lines.

BBC News explains that moisture will always temporarily plump up your skin, giving the impression of reduced wrinkles. That said, when the moisture is fully absorbed, the effects aren’t maintained. That’s a lot of money spent on a couple OF hours of reduced fine lines, when Botox has much longer lasting and defined effects.

Everyone Reacts Differently: People have different skin types ranging from oily to dry to sensitive — so naturally, everyone will react to creams differently. Botox, however, is injected right into your skin and generally has the same impact on everyone.

Real Capabilities: These creams need to be used religiously to upkeep minimal results, while Botox only needs to be re-injected every 3 months for much more visible results.

Whole ingredients like Vitamin C has properties that protect you from forming more wrinkles but can also be unstable and not even active in the product you purchase. These ingredients need to be active to have the desired effect, which is not always the case in these creams.

Do Antiageing Creams Work

Why Choose Botox?

People tend to give Botox a bad rap because of what they’ve seen on TV — but the truth is, Botox is a safe, regulated, non-invasive procedure that, in the end, can be a lot cheaper and more effective than expensive creams. We’d know — we’ve been offering Botox procedures since 2001!

There are various benefits of Botox treatments that make it more worthwhile than spending money on an over-priced cream that won’t be able to deliver on its promises:

More Cost-Effective: Anti-ageing creams are not only expensive but tend to come in small volumes and therefore need frequent replacing. Botox, on the other hand, has effects that last longer and only needs to be administered every three months or so.

At Baywood Clinic, we offer promotions like $99 for your first 20 units, and discounts when you bring a friend. Our cost for Botox is reasonable and honest.

Faster Results: It only takes several days to see the results of your Botox, while anti-ageing creams can take a lot longer. When you choose to get Botox at Baywood Clinic, you can have peace of mind that we schedule follow up appointments to monitor your results and make sure you’re getting bang for your buck. The entire procedure is pretty fast too! One appointment shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes.

Pain-Free: when you get Botox at a clinic like ours where experienced board-certified physicians are performing the injection, you should only experience minor discomfort. We use very small needs and topical numbing agents for optimal comfort.

Get Juvederm & Botox in Downtown Toronto at Baywood Clinic

If you’re interested in getting fillers at Baywood Clinic, click here to learn about the different injectables we offer or call us for more information; we even offer a free and friendly consultation to answer any of your questions or concerns.

We offer Botox and skin fillers like Juvederm to treat crow’s feet, frowns, laugh lines and more. Although Botox results are dependent on your skin type and age, you can rest assured that the initial effects are pretty universal, and a certified doctor will work with you to determine exactly how many units you need. You don’t get that kind of collaboration when buying an overpriced cream over the counter.