Your tattoo doesn’t have to be a permanent reminder of a mistake or a painful memory — it can be removed. That said, there are a lot of misconceptions that hinder people’s opinions on tattoo removal.

When you decide that you no longer want your tattoo, it’s essential to do your research. The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to tattoo removal is to assume that you already know everything — there are a lot of things you need to know before getting a tattoo removed.

If you have regretted body ink, you can trust us to make it disappear with our tattoo removal services. We remove over 100 tattoos every month and use state-of-the-art lasers that are exclusively operated by our certified physicians.

There is nothing shameful about wanting to remove a tattoo. After all, think about all the celebrities who had theirs removed after inking the name of their spouse. The best way to clear up misconceptions surrounding the procedure is to educate yourself about the process.

Tattoo removal is an effective solution for a regretted tattoo, but it is a cost and time commitment. If you are considering tattoo removal, be sure to avoid these common mistakes: 

Not Doing Your Research

The Process: If you are considering getting your tattoo removed, it’s important to understand how the process works. Tattoo removal is done using ultra-short pulse lasers. According to Business Insider, these lasers are extremely hot and work very fast; the lasers break up your tattoo’s ink particles which allows it to fade away.

Choosing Your Clinic: Tattoo removal involves multiple sessions and visits, so you are going to want to make sure you don’t cut corners when picking where you want to get the procedure done. Getting your tattoo removed by an amateur or a non-medical spa can be detrimental to your skin. With that said, make sure you do your research to find a professional you can trust to provide your laser tattoo removal service — like us!

Unrealistic Expectations

Don’t expect your tattoo to disappear instantly. Tattoo removal is a process and usually requires multiple sessions. Every tattoo is different, so there are a lot of factors that will impact how long your process will be. Make sure you set reasonable expectations for how long it will take to remove your tattoo and how much it will cost.

Using Tanning Products Before a Session

The use of any self-tanning product before getting your tattoo removed can cause your skin to have a negative reaction to the laser — this is because your skin can absorb toxins from these tanners.

Avoid These Common Tattoo Removal Mistakes

Sun Exposure Before & After

Sun pigments your skin, which is why it’s crucial to keep your tattoo area out of the sun both before and after your procedure. It is advised to use SPF 30 or higher around your treatment area after you get the procedure done.

Tattoo Removal Cream

Tattoo removal creams falsely promise effective results when, in actuality, no tattoo removal cream is actually approved by the FDA. These creams burn or peel away the skin in an effort to free some ink pigment but just end up scarring or irritating your skin.

It’s worth mentioning that the agent that is used in these creams — hydroquinone or trichloroacetic acid — is typically used for major skin treatments and likely should not be used unsupervised at home.

There is no quick fix for anything — including tattoos. These creams are an easy way out, but it’s better to be safe. Take the time and spend the money get your tattoo professionally removed.

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Assuming Every Tattoo is the Same

No two tattoos are the same. Tattoos vary in style, size, ink and location — and these are all factors that will impact how long it will take to remove your tattoo. These factors will also dictate the price of your treatment.

The rule of thumb is that the bigger your tattoo and the further away from your heart, the harder it will be to remove. There are also certain colours that are trickier to remove, but that being said we have advanced technology to help us to remove the most stubborn of tattoos.

Misleading Alternative Options

Don’t be misled by other tattoo removal options — like tattoo removal creams. Laser tattoo removal takes longer than other procedures, but it is safer, more trustworthy, and has fewer side effects.

Other options for tattoo removal like dermabrasion and salbrasion are a lot more invasive and can result in substantial damage to your skin.

Exercising After the Procedure

It’s universally advised that you avoid any strenuous exercise for up to 48 hours after your procedure. Exercising causes increased blood flow, which can irritate your treated area.

Exposing the Area

It’s essential to protect your treated area from any added trauma — for example, avoid wearing tight clothing that will cause friction. It’s also advised to keep the area dry, clean and bandaged for as long as your professional has advised.

You can always ask us for recommendations for reputable cream products that will help you along your healing process.

Avoid These Common Tattoo Removal Mistakes

Laser Tattoo Removal at Baywood Clinic

At Baywood Clinic, we are proud to be your source for laser tattoo removal in Toronto. If you have any questions about our tattoo removal services be sure to check out these FAQs for answers to some common inquiries.

When we perform laser tattoo removal treatments, we use three separate state-of-the-art laser systems: Q-Switched, Alexandrite, and ND-YAG Lasers. These lasers emit powerful beams of light that are absorbed by the ink on your skin — this is what causes your tattoo to break down and fade.

We use a combination of wavelengths for different ink colours, to make sure we can get rid of even the most stubborn of tattoos.

Be sure to book a consultation with us; we are happy to answer any questions about the tattoo removal process or any of our other services. It’s time to feel less shame about wanting to remove your tattoo.

Choose Baywood Clinic for your tattoo removal, because when you opt for our tattoo removal services you can rest easy knowing that we are experts in our field. You will be treated by a board-certified laser doctor who will personally perform the treatment and provide any topical anesthetic you may require for optimal comfort. Make the choice of working with a licenced physician — unlike your tattoo, you won’t regret it.

Tattoo Removal and Colored Ink

One question we get asked often about tattoo removal is which colors are the hardest to clear. Conventional wisdom says that black is the easiest, then red, greys, followed by the hardest colors yellow and orange.

In general this is correct, but it is also true that every tattoo is different, every ink is different and every patient is unique We have seen yellows clear completely while on the same patient black was very stubborm.

At our clinic we give you an honest appraisal of your pending tattoo removal, including the odds that various colors will clear. But it is always an estimate, though hopefully an accurate one. We use different wavelengths for the various colors and try every trick in the book. But although most tattoo removal procedures follow the usual pattern, there are sometimes. surprises