When it comes to cosmetic treatments, there are so many different types that if you’re not comfortable with one, there is always another one better suited to you and your needs. If you’re not comfortable with fillers or something invasive, there are a plethora of laser treatments that we have available at Baywood Laser & Cosmetic Clinic, our laser skin clinic in Toronto.

Laser treatments are ideal for people who may not be prepared to get something injected into their body or endure anything invasive. This makes laser-based procedures a popular option when it comes to non-surgical cosmetic operations. According to Dermatology News, non-invasive treatments increased in popularity by 2% between 2017 and 2018.

We offer the best lasers with the best results and we understand that the right laser procedure for you is all about what you’re looking to treat. Those interested in pursuing a laser treatment can rest easy knowing that our board-certified doctors personally perform the treatments using our state-of-the-art lasers. Here at Baywood Laser & Cosmetic Clinic, we are committed to providing you with high-quality service that will ensure that you leave happy and confident.

What type of laser treatment are you looking for? These are the laser treatments available for commonly desired cosmetic procedures:

Hair Removal

If you’re someone who grows hair in unwanted areas (upper lip, chin, etc.), the best option for you is laser hair removal. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter how often you pluck or shave —

the pesky hairs just refuse to stay away. This treatment will ensure that you never — or very rarely— have to tweeze or wax ever again. Our ample experience with laser hair removal means that we’ve worked with all types of skin. We’ve seen it all — if you’re concerned that your skin is sensitive, don’t even worry because we have the resources and background to help you.

If you plan for laser hair removal, we advise that you do not wax or pluck for six weeks and that you stay out of the sun for four to six weeks before the procedure starts. The treatment usually requires between six to seven sessions. For more information about laser hair removal, book an appointment for a consultation and we can explain your options. When it comes to the latest hair removal procedures, we’re always up to date.

Sun Damage or Spots

The Nd-Yag and Alexandrite lasers can be used for a variety of things, but they are highly effective in the removal of sun damage, brown spots, or age spots. These lasers are primarily used for facial rejuvenation treatments and can also be used for laser hair removal. When you’re treated at our clinic, the lasers are operated by our doctors themselves who have ample experience with a variety of laser treatments.

Redness and Facial Veins

The FDA approved SmoothBeam laser creates collagen that removes any redness or discolouration of veins on your face, such as spider veins. It can also be used more generally as a facial rejuvenation treatment as the collagen can also be used to smooth and soften your skin. We offer a wide variety of facial rejuvenation treatments to brighten your look including fillers and laser procedures.


The SmoothBeam laser is a leading treater of acne and scarring. To reduce acne and scarring, the laser is used to penetrate light into the skin’s layers. This helps reduce the oil your face produces that causes acne to form. The laser does this by weakening the glands when it goes into the deeper skin layers. There is no recovery time necessary after being treated by the laser, and the entire process is safe and quick. No pain and all the gain! Learn about the latest acne treatment options available when you visit our Acne Clinic.

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Rosacea is commonly treated by Intense Pulse Light, a non-laser procedure. We prefer the use of the VBeam Pulsed Dye Laser, which has been used to treat rosacea for over two decades — among other skin conditions. It can also be used to remove facial spider veins or even vascular birthmarks like port-wine stains. The procedure takes approximately three to four sessions before you can see results. It is important to know that how many treatments you need will be based on your skin type and the severity of your colouration. This procedure ensures quick and painless treatment and doesn’t even require any topical anesthetic. To learn more about the procedure, give us a call and book an appointment for a consultation. We’re happy to answer any of your questions.

Spider Veins

If you have spider veins on your face or legs, the VBeam laser will also be the laser treatment of choice. To remove your spider veins, intense light will be directed at your vein to eliminate its appearance. This option is more often used when the spider veins are too small to be removed by needle via Sclerotherapy. The VBeam laser is the gold-standard when it comes to treatments of vascular dermatological issues.

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Tattoo Removal

These lasers operate by releasing strong light beams that are absorbed by ink particles on the skin. The variety of colours from the tattoo ink absorbs the colours of lights. This then causes the ink to fade in the span of a handful of weeks. No two tattoos are alike, which means there is no universal time span for how long the removal process will take. If you want to know how long your tattoo removal process will be or how much it will cost, book a consultation and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

Baywood Laser & Cosmetic Clinic

Baywood Clinic is a leading Toronto cosmetic clinic that has performed over 10,000 treatments since opening its doors in 2001. We know it can be hard to trust a clinic with medical treatments on your face or in a sensitive area, but you can trust us. Our team is comprised of board-certified doctors with specialization in medical laser procedures as well as cosmetic treatments. We pride ourselves on having on-site physicians who conduct treatments themselves or in the very least are present to supervise your procedure.

We are proud to offer safe and effective procedures to ensure long-lasting results. As a clinic, we work towards quality cosmetic treatments that will help our patients leave happy and confident.

How to choose a Laser Treatment Clinic?

As you educate yourself and ask your friends for referrals, keep one thing in mind. Laser treatment, or any cosmetic procedure, are medical procedures. There have been a growing number of unlicensed practitioners and spas offering laser services, often with unfortunate results. Make sure that your laser clinic is owned by a licensed medical doctor, or at the very least has a medical director whom you meet in person. This way you are ensured of proper care, and in the event of a complication there is a physician who can deal with it directly.

Laser Clinics and Safety

Sadly, there are many medi-spas that do not have physician supervision. There are often reports in the media of very tragic events that occur when unlicensed clinics operate without the proper safety standards. A recent report about HIV infection in a US clinic highlights the dangers and risks involved when cosmetic medicine is practices without a doctor involved.

It’s always best to trust your health to a clinic in which a physician has a personal stake in its reputation and success. All too many laser clinic chains get huge amounts of money upfront from their clients, in the form of packages, and then end up filing for bankruptcy.

The Baywood Laser Clinic has been around for almost 20 years, and our Doctors enjoy working personally with our patients, providing expert cosmetic and laser treatment. You can trust their experience and commitment to you and your safety.

Laser Treatment and the Changing Seasons

Patients often wonder about the best time to visit us for their laser treatment. In general, for treatments other than laser tattoo removal, the best time to begin your laser treatment is the Fall. This is because no matter how hard you try, you are likely to suffer some sun damage over the Summer months. So laser treatment for Rosacea, sun or age spots, general rejuvenation and so forth are best begun once the sun has settled down in September.

Also, for some laser treatment exposure to sun in the first few days after your session is not a good ideas since the skin is still healing itself. Of course, if you are absolutely sure you  won’t be exposed to the sun after your laser treatment, or its in an area that is covered, you can begin your laser treatment at any time.

When you visit the doctors for your consultation they can review what you hope to achieve and schedule the appropriate time to begin your laser treatment. And there still are a number of cosmetic procedures you can do in the Summer!