Laser Hair Removal Toronto

Many patients at our Toronto laser hair removal clinic start their treatments in May and June. It’s a good idea, since there are a lot of outdoor activities and events during the summer months. Weddings, outdoor sports, barbeques, and so on. and for many, the thought of constantly having to shave and or pluck in order to look their best for these activities leads them to try laser hair removal.

If we start your treatment in May, for example, you will generally be hair free for 4-8 weeks, until the next cycle starts to grow. each laser treatment destroys more and more of the hair permanently. So a lot of patients can get through the summer with a couple of treatments, then continue in the Fall to aim for complete and permanent removal.

The issue of tanning comes up. It is not a good idea to laser over tanned skin, because the pigment will absorb the laser light stronger than untanned skin. It’s not usually an issue for areas that do not see the sun, like the underarms or bikini line, but it is something to be aware of, and to discuss with the doctors.

Ideally, it is always best to start your treatment in the Fall and winter, so that sun is not an issue, but if you have waited until the last minute for your laser hair removal, it can be worked out.

Let’s face it, getting rid of unwanted body hair is a never-ending struggle. Waxing is painful and you’re forced to let the hair grow out before the treatment can be performed. Shaving, meanwhile, is a daily hassle that can leave you nicked and your skin irritated. But what about laser? Many people shy away from this option because of the horror stories they’ve heard over the years. But believe it or not, the most popular myths about laser hair removal may not be entirely true.

Laser Hair Removal Damages The Skin

One of the most common myths about laser hair removal is that it can cause permanent damage to the skin. It is true that the procedure can leave your skin feeling sensitive, and you’ll have to reduce your sun exposure and cut out any activities that could irritate it for a few days after treatment. But despite these downsides, a number of laser hair removal proponents claim that their skin actually feels better a week or so after treatment.

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It Doesn’t Work For Everyone

Traditional laser hair removal techniques work off of contrast, so they tend to work best on people who have light skin and darker hair. But with recent advancements and newer laser technology, virtually anyone can successfully undergo treatment. Just be sure to let the hair grow out for two or three weeks prior to your first session.

It Hurts…A Lot

A lot of people have an aversion to laser hair removal because they’ve heard that it hurts. But other than shaving, is there a way to remove body hair that doesn’t hurt? That being said, the pain level is still relatively mild, and is on par with threading or waxing.

Laser Hair Removal is Too Time Consuming

Again, what hair removal method doesn’t take at least some chunk out of your day? But despite what this myth may lead you to believe, laser hair removal is actually relatively quick and easy. In fact, a single session may take less than ten minutes, and you’ll probably spend more time driving to and from the spa.

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The Hair Grows Back

When it comes to laser hair removal, patience is key. Typically, experts say that you need four or five treatments before the hair removal becomes permanent, but depending on the individual, it could take double that.

Over the years, laser hair removal has developed a bad reputation. But with advances in the industry, the procedure is more effective and hassle-free than ever before. So if you’re sick of the constant hair removal battle, it may be time to give it a try.

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Updated April 11, 2019

The myths about laser hair removal continue, rivaling only Botox for misinformation. Visit us for your free consultation and the facts.

One common misconception is that laser hair removal in Toronto is too expensive. At our clinic we find a balance between expert care, with lasers operated by a cosmetic doctor with 20 years experience, and affordable prices. Some patients find super “deals” on the internet, only to realize after paying for expensive packages that the equipment is inferior or that the lasers are not really lasers! Another problem with packages is that the incentive is always to sell you another package, since the salespeople often get a higher commission for subsequent ones.

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A legitimate clinic has a lot of expenses – staffing, rent, phones and so forth – so be sceptical about unrealistic prices. Typically, at a quality clinic, laser hair removal in Toronto should range about $300 per session for full face, and $149 or so for bikini or underarms. Sometimes if you do more than one area there is a discount. One major issue is the experience of the laser operator, at our Clinic laser is personally performed by Licensed Doctors. Since they have 20 years experience with multiple lasers and all skin types, they are confident using high enough power to get permanent results.

Our goal is total patient satisfaction, since the vast majority of our patients are referred by friends or colleagues. This helps keep our advertising proces down and our fees low!

Be sure to visit our doctors if you are interested in laser hair removal, the overall cost is worth it in the long run, as you can dispense with the time and expense (and pain!) of shaving or waxing. If you have any other questions about our many procedures you many always contact us or check our FAQ page.