What are some of the best laser clinic treatments that can get you ready for the Summer? It might seem like winter is never ending, but in fact Spring is just around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about getting ready for the summer months, vacations and weekends in the country. So, what are the laser clinic treatments that are best to start right now so that you are ready for the summer:

Laser Hair Removal

Toronto Laser Hair Removal

Winter is the perfect time to start laser hair removal. It usually takes 3-4 sessions to get rid of most of the hair, so if you begin in February, by June you will be almost hair free. And if you time it right a session in late June leaves you clear of hair until the Fall when you can resume your treatments. It is not a good idea to do laser hair removal over the summer months as the laser does not like tanned skin, no matter what you hear. It is simply safer to wait until the fall. The most popular areas to treat are the underarms and bikini line in females and the back in males.

Tattoo Removal

Get ready for summer with laser tattoo removal in Toronto!

Every year our tattoo removal clinic gets desperation calls around this time. Usually it’s young women about to get married in a few months and they need to remove a tattoo pronto! They cannot wear the dress they want as the tattoo shows, or they must remove a “Billy” tattoo as it’s Bobby they are wedding! But the problem is that it takes 6-10 sessions to completely remove many tattoos and you must wait 6-8 weeks in between sessions. But do not lose hope. If you start your laser tattoo removal sessions right away and get in 2-3 by July or August, you can fade it enough to cover it with a quality makeup. Then start again with your r tattoo removal sessions after the Honeymoon.

Spider Vein Treatments

Banish those spider veins in Toronto

Yes, those pesky spider veins! Most women over 30 have them, and some men too. They can be embarrassing in shorts or on the beach. Sometimes they indicate more serious vein disease as well. So mid-winter is the perfect time for an assessment with our Toronto Vein Clinic. The Doctors do a comprehensive evaluation and work out a perfect plan for you. And if you only have minor spiders, starting in February or March means that by shorts weather they are clear, and any residual bruising after laser or sclerotherapy is long gone too. But book early, as many patients wait until the last minute. It is always better to deal with them earlier rather than later so they can be dealt with before the late Spring.

Botox and Fillers

Toronto Botox Prices are fantastic at our clinic.

Once again mid-winter is the perfect time to try these cosmetic treatments for the first time, or to prepare for the summer. Again, many young women, and men, are planning for their weddings and want to look their best. They are worried that the results of Botox or fillers might not please them. So, if you try out the treatments in February or March, in the unlikely event there is a problem the doctors can correct them long before the big day. The same goes for individuals planning vacations. We often see patients who are going back home to see relatives for the first time in years and want to give filers or Botox a shot. They want to soften or erase fine lines on their forehead or eyes. Or they want to have more balanced lips or more volume in their cheeks. Coming for laser clinic treatments now means you have a long lead time to make any changes you want, including the scenario where you want to add more product just before your trip or wedding.

All in all, January-March is a time to think ahead about your cosmetic treatments. Give us a call or send an email and the doctors will be happy to discuss all your concerns with you. We will be very happy to hear from you.