Levulan Blu-u Photo Therapy

Certified Physicians personally perform Levulan Blu-u Photo Therapy. From $335 per session.

We were the first clinic in Ontario to offer Levulan Blu-U Photo Dynamic light treatment.

Levulan is an exciting new therapy that has produced excellent results for acne, as well as for complete skin rejuvenation (brown spots, redness, fine lines)

One of our Board Certified Doctors personally applies prescription Levulan solution to the skin. Levulan is absorbed into the skin for 30-60 minutes. The patient then sits under the Blu-U light for about 8 minutes. During this time the Levulan is activated by the light, and begins to reduce acne lesions and oiliness, and to produce skin rejuvination. Recent results from the U.S. and Western Canada have been very encouraging for acne sufferers, and for those looking for a more vibrant, youthful complexion.

The treatment is painless. There is mild to moderate redness (like a mild sunburn), usually for a period of a few days, and there may be some mild flaking of the skin. Three monthly sessions are suggested to achieve optimal results.

The cost is $400 per session, or 3 sessions for $1000, pre-paid.

The doctors would be happy to discuss this exciting new treatment with you in person. Please call 416 515 0007 for a consultation.