Thinking about lip injections enhancement in Toronto?

We offer expert lip augmentation injections, using the latest and most effective
dermal fillers! Highly skilled and experienced Registered Nurse injectors and Physicians.

There is no need to worry about lips being “too big” or “too noticeable”, as we
tailor the enhancement to your wishes.

Often subtle changes make a major difference to your appearance.

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Toronto Lip Injections and Enhancement

The Baywood Clinic offers expert, natural-looking enhancement of your lips, using the latest dermal fillers!
Many of out patients are interested in adding volume or definition to their lips, but worry about the result looking natural.
At our clinic, our experienced injectors make sure your lips will look fuller, more defined, and perfectly natural!
You’ll look more vibrant, but no one will know exactly why!

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There is no pressure, just good advice and information to help you decide if lip enhancement is right for you!