Medspa Toronto

Medical Spa Toronto

Unlike many “medi-spa clinics”, where you will never even meet a physician, at the Baywood Clinic one of our doctors will always conduct your consultation, make treatment recommendations, and personally perform or directly supervise your session. All Baywood Clinic doctors are board certified with decades of combined experience in medical and cosmetic treatments. Whether you are looking for laser hair removal, Botox, Fillers, or skin rejuvenation, you can trust our experience and expertise to help you look your best.

Botox: Known to the medical community as Botulinum toxin,  Botox, is a cosmetic injection procedure that halts muscle contraction in the areas that it is injected. Lines and wrinkles, like those found on your brow, crows feet around the eyes, as well as others, caused by repetitive muscle movement in the face, are instantly smoothed out after a Botox injection.

Fillers: Through the use of dermal fillers (also commonly known as soft tissue fillers), the doctors at Baywood Clinic are able to help both men and women  recontour their face, fill in wrinkles, and give your face a smoother, more youthful look. Filler injections are among the most popular cosmetic treatments at Baywood Clinic and worldwide.

Lip Augmentation: The Baywood Clinic offers expert, natural-looking enhancement of your lips, using the latest dermal fillers, including Juvederm and Voluma! Many of our patients are interested in adding volume or definition to their lips, but worry about the result looking natural. At our clinic, our experienced injectors make sure your lips will look fuller, more defined, and perfectly natural!

Laser Hair Removal: Lasers such as GentleLase and GentleYag are state-of–the-art systems for hair removal. They are the most powerful and have the largest spot sizes, the key factors in effective treatment. The laser penetrates the skin, and is absorbed by the hair follicle, destroying it, while leaving the skin safe.

Tattoo Removal: We use three separate state-of-the-art laser systems: Q-Switched, Alexandrite, and ND-Yag Lasers; which make use of 5 different wavelengths, for black, dark and light blue, green, red, and other colors, to aid in effectively erasing even the darkest, most stubborn tattoos.

Spider and Varicose Veins:  The laser is most effective in treating small reddish/blue “spider veins”. These can be treated quickly and painlessly. Unlike some non-specialist clinics, we only use the laser to treat small veins after any underlying, deeper problems have been treated.

Rosacea: Many clinics or spas offer Intense Pulse Light or Photo Facials to treat Rosacea. However, we have found the VBeam Laser to not only be more effective, but more cost effective for our patients as well. Many other clinics and spas provide photofacial packages that involve “full-face” treatment, even if your Rosacea is localized to one or two areas. This results in an inflate cost, with little to no added value.  Our doctors personally perform your VBeam Rosacea laser treatments, and will tailor the session to meet your needs, usually at far less cost than their IPL Photofacial package counterparts. skin safe.

Hyperhidrosis: The treatment is unique for excessive sweating, since it acts to stop the sweating at its origin. The medicine enters the specific sweat glands that are causing the problem, and blocks a chemical that is responsible for the excessive sweating. Studies have shown that the vast majority of patients whose excessive sweating is described as severe, find that their sweating is reduced by over 90%.

Acne: We use the SmoothBeam Laser in the treatment of adult, as well as adolescent acne. This state-of-the-art laser acne treatment, is effective in reducing the appearance of acne and future flare-ups. It is a safe and effective treatment that can help reduce outbreaks and make acne much more manageable.

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