Rosacea is one of the most common skin problems in the world. The flushing, redness, and eventual visible veins on the face can become very embarrassing and distressing. The Baywood Clinic in Toronto has offered Rosacea treatments for this condition for almost 20 years, using the state-of-the art-pulsed dye laser – the VBeam. This laser is used in major teaching hospital around the world, and has two decades of research proving its effectiveness in Rosacea treatments. You can text us at anytime for further information at 647-955-0812

Rosacea Treatments with Laser? The Gold Standard!

The doctors have vast experience with the laser treatment of Rosacea and are always available to answer your questions. They have treated thousands of Rosacea sufferers with every possible skin type. Their experience with laser Rosacea treatments is a great comfort to first time patients. They are happy to answer all your questions and there is never any pressure. We do not offer packages or demand that you commit to a certain number of sessions.

Rosacea treatments with laser are safe and effective.

Rosacea is a condition that defies scientists’ ability to pin down an exact cause.
Generally, though, the diagnosis is straightforward. Flushing of the skin, often in persons of Northern European heritage (it’s called the “curse of the Celts”) that starts in the late teenage years or early adulthood. It is really a simple diagnosis to make, although it is often left untreated for many years, since patients are not aware of laser Rosacea treatment.

The flushing is worse after exercise and triggers include things like heat, alcohol and spicy foods. If not treated properly, and by a medical professional, in time the flushing lasts longer, and small vessels develop on the face. These little spider veins can be very distressing. Unfortunately, patients with Rosacea often are unaware that real treatments exist. Many patients spend a lot of money with over the counter creams and lotions and are at the point of giving up when they visit our clinic. Or they may have had disappointing results at a local “medi-spa” that used a non-medical grade of laser or IPL device.

Rosacea Sufferers Love the Results of Laser

Without question the best rosacea treatment is laser. But not just any laser! Many non-medical spas offer all sorts of light-based therapy for Rosacea, typically with machines that are not lasers at all. Even if they are laser they are rarely medical-grade lasers that are used in Hospital Dermatology Clinics.

Why suffer with Rosacea? Laser Treatments work

The pulsed dye laser is a special machine – specifically created over 30 years ago to reduce port-wine stains, it quickly became the state-of-the-art treatment for Rosacea as well. It directly teats the redness and flushing by sealing the microscopic vessels in the skin. Patient experience is very positive, and many have written about the wonderful results they have achieved. Since laser is the only treatment that actually destroys the underlying blood vessels that cause the symptoms of Rosacea, it is understandable why the satisfaction rates are so high.

Laser Rosacea Treatments are Safe and Comfortable

Treatments are not painful, and the downtime is minimal. Most patients come at the end of the day and return to work the next morning. Usually there is a bit of redness after the treatment that fades over a few hours. Smaller blood vessels often do need to be mildly bruised In order to improve. Generally patients notice that their flushing is the first thing to improve. They do not flush as often, as long, or as deeply. After 2-3 sessions there is a noticeable reduction in general redness, which is a great relief.

Vessels around the nose can be the most stubborn and often require more than one session. The slight bruising usually clears within 3-4 days. After 3 – 4 sessions spaced out about a month apart, the redness and flushing usually improve over 85%, with many patients clearing completely. Everyone’s skin is different, of course, but the vast majority of our patients are highly satisfied with their treatments. We have had some patients visiting us for regular maintenance treatments for over 15 years now,

Laser Rosacea treatments are quick and safe.

Maintenance treatments can be reduced by avoiding all your triggers, and most patients come in for one treatment every 12-18 months. A bonus is that the VBeam creates a lot of collagen, also in addition to clearing Rosacea it helps give the skin a fuller and younger appearance. Many patients return for a VBeam session and their skin looks great, with no visible Rosacea. They were so happy with the rejuvenation effects of the VBeam that they decide to maintenance for that reason alone – to keep their skin looking young and healthy.

Laser treatment for Rosacea is recognized world-wide by leading Dermatologists as the number one choice for treatment of this condition. Most patients visiting a medical laser clinic for the first time have spent hundreds of dollars on various products, even prescription medication, without any real improvement in the redness, flushing and small blood vessels. In fact, only light-based treatments can really alter the blood vessels and reduce the redness or flushing in cases of Rosacea. This is why you will find pulsed-dye lasers in every major hospitals dermatology laser clinic – being used for severe Port-Wine stain birthmarks, acne redness, Rosacea, and post-surgical or traumatic scarring. because it works and has 20 years of detailed research in legitimate medical journals to prove that.

Rosacea treatments at the Baywood Clinic are affordable and safe.

The Baywood Clinic has used this laser extensively, and if you are suffering from Rosacea and are in Toronto, be sure to give them a call to set up a consultation. Many questions are answered here. It will be friendly and informative. There is never any pressure on you to decide and you will gain a much better understanding of laser Rosacea treatments.

You are not alone. Many hundreds of thousands of Canadians suffer with Rosacea. At our Toronto Laser Clinic we have helped tens of thousands of patients suffering with Rosacea since 2001. Get in touch and we will be happy to help you.

Patient suffering from Rosacea in Toronto often ask about other treatments they see on the Internet. Sadly, there is much disinformation to be found there. The bottom line is that although some antibiotics can reduce some of the features of Rosacea, and steroid some of the by-products, really only light-based rosacea laser treatment is effective against the redness. Other light based sources like IPL can help, but not to the same degree.

If you are interested in Toronto Rosacea treatments with the best and most studied laser system, which is used in major hospitals world-wide, give us a call. The Doctors are happy to discuss your condition and offer the best advice.