Juvederm treatments are one of the top procedures done worldwide in medical cosmetic clinics. Juvederm is a from of hyaluronic acid, a substance that forms an important part of the skin. It gives our skin the volume that makes it look younger and fresh. As we age, we lose some of this volume and our skin forms lines and creases. Juvederm treatments, done by a properly trained medical professional like a nurse or physician, restore this volume in a safe and effective way, easing away the years.

Juvederm has many applications – what are the most popular?

Naso-labial Folds

This is the fancy medical name for those lines that form at the sides of your nose and run down to the cloner of your mouth. They occur as we age, and the volume of our cheeks slowly is pulled by gravity towards the lower part of the face. An experienced Juvederm injector can place some filler right into the lines to lift them. Or, more often, it is better to add Juvederm directly to the cheek, replacing lost volume and restoring the same look you had 15 years earlier. This is probably the most common use of Juvederm in most Toronto cosmetic clinics.

Lips and Juvederm

Close behind is lip augmentation. Many patients worry about this procedure, having seen horror videos on YouTube or seen scary posts on-line warning about duck lips or unnatural results. This can happen, but the truth is that a highly experienced injector can give you fuller, more natural looking lips that are balanced. Or replace lost volume that naturally occurs as we age. The key is finding a clinic where the injectors have many years experience and have kept up with the latest techniques. At our clinic, our Registered Nurses use various approaches, depending on what you need to achieve the best look. And they will never upsell or pressure you – in fact it is quite common for them to advise holding off filler for a few years if they feel a patient does not need augmentation now.


Many patients find that their cheeks lose volume as they get older or feel that they would like more defined cheeks. Usually the best bet here is a larger molecule filler, like Voluma. Injectors can use a cannula, a long tube-like device, to gentle place the filler deep under the cheek muscle to give a natural fuller look. Once again, experience counts, and it is best not to shop solely by price. Often super deals mean an inexperienced injector or an inferior filler product.

Juvederm for Acne Scars

Many types of acne scarring can be improved by an experienced Juvederm injector, often after a few sessions of micro-needling or laser treatment. The Juvederm is placed under the scars and lifts the skin to a more superficial level. Thus, the Juvederm reduces the scars appearance, sometimes very dramatically. Our acne clinic often uses Juvederm in this way.

Resting Bitch Face

This derogatory term applies to both men and women. It has come into popular usage. It refers to the somewhat mean look that comes when the corners of the mouth take a downward turn as we get older. Our old enemy gravity again! Fortunately, Juvederm is a very successful treatment for this look. Peri-oral filling, the technical name, lifts the corners of the mouth and gives you back a very natural look, one that is less angry. It just turns the clock back, so you look calm and relaxed, with your mouth in its natural position. This is increasingly becoming a popular Juvederm treatment, especially for those that work with the public and want to project a calm and unthreatening appearance. More and more men are also using Juvederm to rid themselves of that angry look – it does happen to men too!

Tear troughs

This refers to the lines that appear under the eyes, giving them a hollow, tired appearance. This is one of the most intricate uses of Juvederm and it requires a very skillful injector. But done properly it really makes a dramatic difference, as you look more rested and alert. At our clinic we only select patients who make good candidates for tis procedure as not everyone can benefit form it.

Final thoughts on Juvederm

New uses for Juvederm are being discovered every year. We keep up with the latest trends at our clinic, always keeping our patient’s safety foremost in our minds. If you are interested in a free consultation, call us anytime.