Women aren’t the only clients who come into the clinic seeking Botox injections. You may be surprised to find out just how many men are looking for the treatment. Almost half of our patients are male, and that number is likely to keep growing.

If you’re curious about this surprising development, read ahead to find out why more men are getting Botox injections and why they avoided the procedure before.

1. They Want to Look Better for the Workplace

Workers in highly competitive environments are always searching for something to give them an extra edge. Some men believe that Botox gives them the edge they need because they feel confident whenever they step into the office.

Other male clients are getting Botox to deal with ageism in the workplace — they’re worried that their experience and efforts are overlooked in favor of youth. By smoothing out their wrinkles and fine lines, they can hide their age and diminish any signs of exhaustion. They want their coworkers to know that they aren’t ready to pack up and retire. They’re still thriving. 

2. They Want to Look Less Angry

Some men feel like they suffer from RAF: resting angry face. When they feel neutral, their face still gives the impression that they’re scowling. No one wants people to assume that they’re silently seething when they’re actually reading over an email or thinking about what they’re going to eat for lunch. It’s an unfortunate misunderstanding.

Male clients are fixing their resting angry faces by getting Botox injected around their “11 lines” — these are the two lines between the eyebrows that show up when someone is concentrating, squinting or furious. The injections smooth out the “11 lines” so that their face matches their calm, unaggressive thoughts.

3. They Want to Look Younger

The desire to look younger isn’t gender-specific. Many men want to use products like Botox to shave the years off of their face, so they can look as young as they feel. The average male client is between 35 to 65 years old and wants to have the injections to smooth out dynamic wrinkles on their eyebrows and near their eyes. 

4. They Want to Sweat Less

Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) is an embarrassing problem. It can make you look nervous or sloppy during an important job interview. It can stop you from holding hands or getting too close to your date on a romantic evening.

One of the best treatment options for hyperhidrosis is Botox. It’s injected directly into the source of the excessive sweating, like the foot soles, palms and armpits. The injections block the nerves telling the body to produce sweat. Soon after, patients will notice that their problem areas are completely dry. You can click here to find out more about what the injections for specific Botox treatments like hyperhidrosis feel like and when you will notice results.

5. They’re Exposed to It through Social Media

Another reason why Botox is increasingly popular with men is that social media platforms make it more visible than ever. Clinics share their Before and After pictures on Instagram and Facebook. Influencers share their clinic appointments with their followers. Celebrities open up about their experiences with Botox, letting the average person know exactly how they’ve managed to stay wrinkle-free for so long. You can click here to find out which male celebrities have publicly talked about their use of Botox.

Why Didn’t They Do It Before?

The main reason why men didn’t get as much Botox before is because of stigma. Cosmetic procedures are often perceived as vain, shallow and something that’s meant for women only. A man who actively pursued Botox injections was shameful.

Lots of male clients hide the fact that they get Botox injections or outright lie about it to avoid judgment from their peers. One of Baywood’s clients managed to keep his habit a secret after receiving regular injections for over a decade. He told his friends that genetics, suncare and Oil of Olay were the keys to his youthful appearance. He soon discovered that his friends took his advice and started buying Oil of Olay.

The stigma isn’t just for Botox injections. Men regularly experience social pressure to avoid cosmetic and medical procedures for fear that it makes them look weak or feminine. A shocking number of men admit to biting their nails instead of trimming them with nail clippers — and only 2% admitted to getting a professional manicure. Men are less likely to practice good oral hygiene and brush their teeth twice a day. And many men will avoid wearing sunscreen or practicing suncare despite being at higher risk of getting melanoma skin cancer than women. There are plenty of other examples that demonstrate a cultural fear of self-involvement.

The good news is that the stigma against Botox is losing some of its power. More men are admitting to using it and talking about the procedure with their friends, families and acquaintances. When more men are open about getting Botox, fewer men will want to hide their own experiences. And men who have wanted Botox but are too afraid of judgment will be inspired to try it for the first time.

Come in for a Consultation

If you’re wondering how much Botox costs or what you can expect from an appointment, you can book a consultation with one of our trained physicians. During the consultation, you can discuss what results you’re hoping for, so they can determine your dosage and injection locations. They will also go over what you can do to prepare for your appointment and how to practice good aftercare. After answering all of your questions, the procedure should be a breeze.

There are lots of reasons why men get Botox injections. They can do it to stay relevant in an ageist work environment, to solve resting angry face or to make them look as young as they feel on the inside. They can also use them as medical solutions for hyperhidrosis, migraines, eye twitches and more. And as the stigma for cosmetic procedures dissipates, more men will feel free to come in and give the injections a try.