Millions of people visit their cosmetic doctors for laser clinic treatments every year. Over the last 20 years non-surgical procedures have entered the mainstream. Patients want to look their best – for job interviews and for themselves. These non-invasive procedures involve minimal or no downtown, are comfortable, affordable and they work!

1) Laser Hair removal.

By far the champ for non-surgical cosmetic procedures is laser hair removal. Getting rid of unwanted hair in the face (for women) or excessive body hair (for men) are leading candidates for top procedures. Many women also want to ditch the razors and creams altogether and laser away the hair of their underarms and bikini lines.

Laser hair removal is safe and effective. But beware – not all laser clinics are created equal. It is best to have your treatment done at a clinic supervised by a physician (or if you are lucky – find a clinic where the doctor performs the treatment personally). Many cases are reported from non-medical clinics where there have been unfortunate results – ranging from lasering over skin cancers to severe burns and even scarring.

Choose your laser clinic carefully.


2) Botox.

Coming in second is certainly Botox. You have seen it in the news, on your favorite tv shows and on the web for years. Everyone knows that Botox can erase facial lines by relaxing the muscle that cause them. It is most often used to get rid of crows’ feet, horizontal forehead lines and that pesky frown that makes people think you are angry or frustrated with them.

Botox treatment is optimally performed by an experienced medical doctor or by a registered nurse under medical supervision. In fact, it is the law in Canada that Botox, which is a prescription drug, requires a consultation by an MD before you begin your treatment. Again, be careful, as there are sad stories of Botox treatments gone wrong in non-medical settings.

3) Tattoo Removal.

Yup. That gorgeous tattoo you got a few years back just doesn’t look so great now. Or maybe you made the mistake of getting the name of your ex emblazoned across your back? Don’t worry, tattoo removal is another of the top procedures you will find at a modern laser clinic.

Not all tattoos fair as well, but most can be faded significantly if not completely cleared. But be wary – there are lot of inexperienced spas trying to do this treatment, which is one of the riskier laser procedures. That is because these are powerful lasers that should be used by experienced hands, preferably with a doctor involved in the event of a complication like blistering or infection. These are rare but do happened and usually in laser clinics with minimally trained staff.

Juvederm is used by our leading cosmetic laser clinic

4) Fillers.

Skin fillers are among the most popular treatments offered in laser and cosmetic clinics. Like Botox, they should always be done by a physician or a registered nurse under medical supervision. While extremely safe in experienced, highly trained hands, real problems can occur if they are not injected properly.

The most popular area is probably the lips, followed by the naso-labial folds – those lines that run from the side of your nose to your mouth. But cheeks can also be filled for volume, and even under eyes and the bridge of the nose can be treated with fillers.

5) Skin Rejuvenation.

General rejuvenation of the skin is a very popular laser treatment. A variety of lasers can be used to combat a whole host of issues. For example, brown or age spots are easily treated with a Yag laser. Facial veins or sun damage are corrected with a pulsed-dye laser and so on.

Other lasers are used to increase the collagen in your skin, making it appear fuller and softer, or softening acne scars. Lasers can really make a significant improvement in your skin texture and tone. But again, be careful about who you select to do the treatments. Ask a lot of questions and move on if you are not satisfied.

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