What most know about Botox is this: it’s a minimally invasive injection with properties that smooth out your face and tighten your skin for a youthful look.

People usually associate Botox with comedic moments in TV shows and movies where the treatment leaves a protagonist unable to move their face or show emotion – and this kind of depiction is incredibly misleading.

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There are a lot of advantages to Botox and equally as many misconceptions that surround the treatment. It doesn’t hurt nearly as much as many may think, and contrary to common belief won’t leave your face expressionless. Its effects are actually quite natural looking, and you’ve likely come into contact with many people who you don’t even realize have taken advantage of the treatment!

We want you to come visit us at the Baywood Laser & Cosmetic Clinic to learn more about Botox and what it entails.

Our downtown clinic offers a variety of services including Botox and skin fillers that can take years off your appearance; you just need to get in touch to discuss your options!

You can also learn about Juvederm treatments in Toronto when you reach out – it’s all about finding the treatment that’s right for you. If you are thinking of trying Botox, it’s imperative that you research to set the record straight and clarify any misinformation could wrongfully influence you.

To make things clear for you, here are the most common misconceptions of Botox, and the facts that negate them:

Myth: Botox Will Make Me Look Fake! 

Truth: Your Friends Won’t Even Notice

This is a major misconception about Botox. Botox injections simply relax your muscles; in reality, the treatment just softens the wrinkles on your face like laugh lines.

When done right, the treatment will provide you with a natural look that enhances your appearance. Just remember, it’s all about what you and the doctor (or registered nurse) administering the treatment decide works best for your face and skin.

Chances are, your friends won’t even notice after you get Botox – you’ll just look more relaxed. The only thing they may notice is that you look younger, refreshed, and more confident!

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Myth: Botox Is Only for Your Face

Truth: Botox Can Be Used to Stop Excessive Sweating

Most people associate Botox with smoothing out and filling in the skin on your face. What’s less known is that Botox can be used to treat hyperhidrosis or, in other words, excessive sweating.

At Baywood Clinic we offer Botox for hyperhidrosis. We inject Botox into the part of your body where most of your sweat is coming from (i.e. the underarms) to paralyze your overactive nerves. This prevents your nerves from signalling your sweat glands so often. Most of our patients find themselves free of excessive sweating for around 6-12 months after the treatment.

Typically, you’ll feel dryer within a few days of the procedure. Significant results usually take between two weeks to show. The best part? This hyperhidrosis treatment takes at maximum 15 minutes to administer.

Myth: Different Places Use Different Types of Botox

Truth: There Is Only One Type of Botox

With so many non-medical Spas offering Botox and different “deals,” it’s easy to be misled – which is why it’s imperative that you do your research. The fact of the matter is, there is only one Botox.

Botox is the licensed trade name of the Allergan Company’s industry-leading form of Botulinum A. If you get told you are receiving Botox, it must be the Allergan product.

There are several other types of the toxin that have been approved by Health Canada for use in Canada, but don’t get fooled – they are not Botox!

Be cautious that there are other types of the toxin that exist and are used in other parts of the world – some of these are illegal to use here in Canada. They are not tested and therefore are not licenced.

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Myth: I’m Going to Get Watered-Down Botox

Truth: Botox Has to Be Diluted to Be Activated and Injectable

 Botox is a fine, dry powder that gets kept in a vacuum-sealed bottle. For Botox to be injectable, it has to be diluted and activated. What you may not know, however, is that the amount of dilution doesn’t impact the Botox – that is, if you are getting the right number of units.

The common worry people have when they hear “dilution” is that they aren’t getting what they are paying for. In reality, not providing the amount of Botox paid for is illegal and would result in a physician losing their medical licence.

Moral of the story is, Botox has to be diluted and cannot get “watered down.” The important thing is that you get the right number of units.

Botox Injections Are Extremely Painful

Truth: Botox Is at Most Mildly Uncomfortable

Patients at Baywood Clinic often compliment us on how comfortable our treatments are! Truthfully, all injections are mildly uncomfortable, but Botox injections only take a few minutes and are done with the smallest needle you can imagine. Plus, topical numbing creams can be used to ensure patient comfort.

One of the best things about Botox is that it has no recovery time. This means you’re essentially free to return to your day to day activities after your treatment.

We have ample experience administering Botox, considering we’ve done thousands of injections since our inception in 2001. Trust us; you’re in good hands when you visit Baywood Clinic.

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Myth: I Can Get A Better Deal

Truth: It’s Not the Better Deal

 It’s common for people to find shockingly low Botox prices elsewhere and then be unhappy with the treatment’s result. At the end of the day, what needs to be confirmed before you get Botox is the number of units you need and that it is properly administrated.

A lot of the time ‘super deals’ encourage you to get more units than you need, which actually ends up being more expensive in the long run. For example, someone may be offered a lower price but get told they require 60 units when in reality they only need 45 units to see positive results.

Myth: My Botox Should Last a Year

Truth: It Lasts About 3-4 Months

When a clinic or spa swears that your Botox will last six months or longer, it’s time to question them. The fact of the matter is that Botox lasts between three to four months if administered correctly. If you’ve used Botox for a while, sometimes the results last a bit longer. Be wary of any “six-month Botox” promises. On average, our patients make about three visits every year.

Get Your Botox Treatment in Toronto

Baywood Clinic is happy to offer a variety of Botox services in downtown Toronto. You can rest easy knowing that a professional, certified physician will personally perform your treatment.

If you want to schedule a consultation, get in touch! Call us today at 416 515 0007. We’re happy to answer any of your questions and provide any extra information or context you may need.

Update: One of the biggest myths we forgot to add to the post:

I have to make faces for hours after getting Botox!

Not true!

We hear this all the time, and if your clinic is telling you this, it really is a red flag. Any serious professional, medical doctor, plastic surgeon or dermatologist, who injects Botox, or supervises Registered Nurses who inject, knows this is false.

Why? Because in 2002, a study in Italy was published in the leading cosmetic medicine journal. 50 subjects were divided into two groups. Both groups of 25 got the same amount of Botox injected into their frown lines. One group was told to frown every 30 seconds or so for 4-6 hours after treatment, the other group to just go on with their lives and do nothing different.

After 3 weeks a panel of 3 doctors, not knowing whether a patient belonged to the “frowners’ or “non-frowners”, were asked to judge the Botox effectiveness. Results? No difference were found; and this experiment ahs been repeated many times.

So forget about making faces. It is a Botox myth. One we always warn you about at our Botox clinic in downtown Toronto.

I can’t go to the gym after Botox?

Yep, here’s another one we here all the time at our Toronto Botox Clinic. Somehow the myth started that after Botox injections you cannot lie down or do exercise for 4 hours or more. It’s simply not true. Of course, immediately after you  Botox treatment it’s not a good idea to rub or put pressure on the injection sites. But within an hour at most the Botox has locked itself into the muscle receptors and is not going anywhere.

By the time you have left the office and headed to your next destination it is perfectly safe to lie down or exercise. In fact, one of our Doctors hits the weight-room in our building within 15 minutes of getting his Botox at the end of the day, and has never had a problem. Botox binds quickly to the muscle and it stays there.

So feel free to curl up on the couch as soon as you get home, or do those planks or yoga exercises as soon as you get to the gym your Botox treatment will be just fine!

No alcohol after Botox?

A patient today had a big surprise birthday party to attend a few hours after her Botox treatment at the Baywood Clinic. Since it was a Friday and she had had a long week at the Law Office, she was looking forward to a couple of glasses of wine (She was not driving – thank you UBER!). But she had read somewhere on the Internet that you cannot have alcohol for 6 hours after Botox!

We were glad to tell her that it’s just not so, and to thank her for adding another myth to our Blog. The thinkin on this might be that alcohol thins the blood, just like green tea, fish oils and certain pain killers like Aspirin. Sometimes, if a patient has ingested one of these the day of having their Botox treatment, we notice a bit of pinpoint bleeding, but it is very rare for even the tiniest bruise to occur.

But AFTER Botox? No, once the treatment is done, and you have headed home or to a local pub, the blood has long coagulated at the injection site, and you are free to enjoy a couple of Heinekens or glasses of Chablis! As always, though, drink responsibly.

So if you are thinking of trying a Toronto Botox Clinic, make sure to contact the doctors at the Baywood Clinic. They personally perform all the procedures, and have tens of thousands of happy patients dating all the way back to 2001. They will make sure you understand the Botox procedure and that you are confident before you begin. And the botox prices are the most reasonable you will find for Physician treatment.