A lot of society’s opinions of cosmetic treatments come from TV shows — especially reality shows — that tend to dramatize the process and suggest that every cosmetic procedure is larger than life.

At Baywood Laser & Cosmetic Clinic our approach is significantly subtler than that displayed in TV’s many cosmetic themed shows. We are a skin clinic in downtown Toronto that offers a variety of non-invasive procedures including injections and laser treatments that can help to enhance your look.

We’ve been in the business for almost two decades and are proud to provide natural looking results. One of the many services we offer is Botox, which we use to treat hyperhidrosis and help rejuvenate your face.

When you visit us for Botox treatments in Toronto, you can have peace of mind that your injection will be personally performed by one of our licensed physicians.

The way the treatment works is that the Botox solution is injected into the area you are looking to treat, whether that be your forehead or laugh lines. Simple enough, right?

The mostly cosmetic procedure is primarily used to smooth out any lines or wrinkles on your face. However, it is increasingly used for medical treatments like hyperhidrosis and migraines.

People commonly associate Botox and other skin filler options with more invasive, dramatic cosmetic procedures that they see on TV.

Of course, the TV shows they watch that portray cosmetic treatments are dramatic in their depictions. In a survey done by Statista, 26 percent of those surveyed between 25 to 34 years old revealed that they watched reality television because “they liked the drama.”

We encourage you to learn more about pricing information for our Botox treatments and to get in touch so we can answer your questions about the procedure. We’re happy to discuss your options and what to expect.

We know that TV shows can be misleading, which is why we want to explain how these past and present popular series may give you the wrong idea:

Extreme Makeover

This reality TV show ran from 2002 to 2007 — and its dramatics are plain to see in the use of “extreme” in its title. Botox is not an extreme procedure; that is proven in its cost, how long it takes, and the fact it requires no recovery time.

The series followed people undergoing makeovers that involved exercise, hairdressing, wardrobe and, yes, plastic surgery.


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Botched is a TV show that follows hosts (and doctors) Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif as they correct extremely botched plastic surgeries.

The show visually brings to life the biggest fear of anyone getting a cosmetic treatment — the fear of their procedure getting botched.

The series brings extreme cases to the forefront, which can lead people to believe that such cases are actually common. The thing is, these televised invasive surgeries pose higher risks than Botox. Botox is administered using a small needle and doesn’t require any cutting or breaking of the skin.

The Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis confirms that Botox is one of the safest forms of cosmetic surgery and that its side effects are minor, and few and far between. It is also FDA approved.

Although Botox is associated with plastic surgery, it actually doesn’t require any surgical treatment and is, in reality, an injection — not a surgery. It is more an aesthetic service, as UC Health deems it a non-surgical injection.

It is also worth mentioning that Botox isn’t only used cosmetically — it can also be used to treat hyperhidrosis.

Changing Faces

This Netflix series takes a different approach to cosmetic surgery. It tells the story of different people who undergo plastic surgery for compelling reasons with the hopes of turning their lives around.

The message of this show is overwhelmingly positive, but it is worth mentioning that Botox doesn’t change your face. Despite common belief, it enhances your look instead of making you unrecognizable. It’s harmful to associate Botox with such major procedures that completely alter one’s appearance.


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When plastic surgery dramedy Nip/Tuck was on the air, plastic surgeons quickly confirmed what the series gets wrong about the cosmetic industry.

The show depicts not only plastic surgery but also the Botox experience. One of the most iconic moments of the show is coincidentally a “Botox party.” Of course, this scene heightens and dramatizes Botox for the sake of entertainment.

When the TV series first hit the airwaves, a statement was released by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons in which President Robert Bernard stated, “The manner in which our profession is portrayed in this new series is absolutely absurd.”

The Swan

This 2004 series only ran for two years — and for a good reason. The Swan chose contestants based on who the show found to be the most “unappealing.” Throughout the show, female contestants competed to see who could change their looks to become to the most beautiful. In the end, the most appealing was voted “The Swan.”

Instead of outlining what is wrong with the themes of this show (we’ll allow you to use your judgment), we want to remind any viewers of this show (or ones like it) that Botox isn’t about changing your looks or making you a new person. It is about enhancing your natural beauty.

Botox at Baywood Laser & Cosmetic Clinic

At Baywood Clinic we are happy to answer any and all of your Botox related questions. We are proud to offer Botox injections at a fair cost, that are administered personally by our certified physicians.

If you are considering Botox at our clinic, you will be able to rest easy knowing that there is no recovery time and that after the procedure you will be able to jump back into your day to day activities. Plus, a full session doesn’t last longer than 10 minutes.

It’s a quick and easy procedure, with positive effects. Although swelling and redness can sometimes follow injections, this side effect lasts only 30 minutes or so. Botox treatments last up to a minimum of 3 months and in some cases can last up to a maximum of 6 months.

To learn more about our Botox services — or any of our other available treatments for that matter — get in touch so that we can book a consultation.