There seems to be a new Laser Clinic popping up in Toronto everywhere! It seems that there is one on every street and they pop up as fast as Starbuck’s and McDonalds in every neighborhood. With so many to choose from, how can you know which ones are safe, professional and offer quality cosmetic treatments?

Lasers, after all, are serious business. These are powerful machines that in the wrong or inexperienced hands can burn or even scar an unsuspecting but trusting patient. The papers are filled with horror stories of individuals who learned to their regret that not all laser clinics are created equally. So, with that in mind, what are some tips to help you chose wisely

Physician Involvement in the Laser Clinic

Perhaps the most important feature of a legitimate laser clinic is physician involvement. Having at doctor supervise, or perhaps even perform, your treatment is a high standard for success. Doctors are regulated by their licensing bodies and must demonstrate in detail their proficiency and expertise in any treatment they supervise or perform.

In addition, they are accountable for any treatments done at a clinic with which they are involved. In the hopefully unlikely case of a complication, unlike a corporate laser clinic that can dodge responsibility, a physician is personally responsible to ensure you receive adequate care.

In fact, many jurisdictions have legal requirements that a laser clinic have a certified Laser Safety Officer. This person is responsible for the functioning, safety and maintenance of the laser equipment. Physician run clinics must abide by this, spas rarely, if ever, do.

Make sure your Laser Clinic uses hospital grade equipment


Many spas have technicians that are basically paid minimum wage. Often their training consists of a weekend course with very little hands on training. Patients who are burned or even scarred often have this terrible complication occur under inexperienced hands, who use too powerful settings on the first or second treatment.

Ask about training and experience when you visit a laser clinic. Ask to see copies of any certifications and training courses. If the clinic is legitimate, they will have no hesitation showing you. If they do, keep looking!

Equipment Used by the Laser Clinic

There are hundreds of lasers out there. Most are low quality, or not even true lasers at all. Physician -led clinics will almost certainly employ hospital level lasers, the type found in the dermatology clinics that use only the best. Some spas even rent their equipment once or twice a month. This is not a good idea as lasers are very sensitive to movement and such treatment can offset their safety.

Ask what lasers the clinic uses. Ask why they feel they are the best for your condition. Ask to see some legitimate articles in leading medical journals that prove these are the right lasers. If there is any hesitation, keep looking!

Lasers are serious business. Make sure your laser clinic has medical involvement.


Laser treatment is not cheap, but it need not be excessive. Be wary of spas that offer packages. Many times, the goal of the treatment is to extend it so that you need to buy a second or third package. Most legitimate clinics prefer that you only pay for treatments you receive. This way they do not hold your money and you are free to leave any time you choose without financial penalty.

Consultations should be no-pressure and no charge. Some clinics will offer super specials – Botox for an amazing price. But when you call, they then do the old bait and switch. Yes, you can get a special price, but there is a minimum number of units. And you must pay by credit card right away and book an appointment, that if you miss you lose a large deposit.
Your laser clinic should operate professionally, like your doctor’s office.

That’s a good test – does the clinic have a medical feel? If it seems more concerned with upselling and profit then it does about your satisfaction and proper care, best move on. It is important to remember that lasers are powerful medical instruments and you should be treated in a physician-supervised clinic or better, one where the doctor actually performs the treatment. Not all Toronto Laser Clinics are created equal – please do your research before choosing – it is your face after all!

In Toronto, the Baywood Clinic has been operated by licensed laser and cosmetic doctors for almost 20 years. They offer top-notch treatment aimed at your satisfaction. Treatments range from Laser Hair Removal to Rosacea and Skin Rejuvenation; Botox and Skin Fillers. If you want to be certain you are getting the best medical care for your cosmetic concerns, give them a call at 416-515-0007.

This has been seen during the COVID situation – a number of non-medical (and sadly a few medically “supervised”) clinics seem to have remained open despite clear restrictions limiting non-essential cosmetic procedures. It’s a mark of our Toronto Laser Clinic integrity that we shut down as soon as the orders came out. Our patients and our staff health and safety come first.

This is because we operate as a true medical practice. Our goal is to provide only the necessary and correct treatment for all our laser patients in Toronto. We are not sales oriented. We are “you” oriented!