Patients often are confused by Botox pricing. Toronto Botox cost should be simple and clear, and explained fully before you decide to proceed with your treatment. Be careful to ignore the common myths about Botox.

At the Baywood Clinic Botox is $10 per unit. (First time patients get their first 20 units for $99). Botox is measured in Units, and comes in 100 and 200 Unit vials. The average number of units for females is 10-15 for forehead horizontal lines, 25-30 for the frown and 10-15 for each eye’s crowfeet area. For men it is somewhat higher.

Patients are sometimes confused by injections versus units terminology. I can make one injection contain 1 unit, or it can have 20 units. It’s like a drink can contain 1 Oz or 2 Oz of alcohol. So for the frown lines, for example usually have 5 injection spots of 5 units each. Some clinics charge by area, but we feel this is unfair, since many patients will overpay. If the average person needs 30 units for a frown, but you only need 25, why are you paying for the extra 5? In essence people who need less are covering for people who need more when clinics charge by area.

Finally dilution: patients are sometimes worried that the Botox is over-diluted. Dilution is pretty standard around the world, but the reality is you are paying for units. If a clinic dilutes in a non-standard way they still have to charge you for the correct number of units, to do otherwise would be fraud! There is only one “Botox”, the trade name of the product manufactured by Allergan. If the deal seems to good to be true, ask to see the bottle!

If you have any further questions about Toronto Botox cost please visit or feel free to email us at [email protected]. We are always here to help.