Patients often are confused by Botox pricing. Toronto Botox cost should be simple and clear, and explained fully before you decide to proceed with your treatment. Be careful to ignore the common myths about Botox.

At the Baywood Clinic Botox is $10 per unit. (First time patients get their first 20 units for $99). Botox is measured in Units, and comes in 100 and 200 Unit vials. The average number of units for females is 10-15 for forehead horizontal lines, 25-30 for the frown and 10-15 for each eye’s crowfeet area. For men it is somewhat higher.

Patients are sometimes confused by injections versus units terminology. I can make one injection contain 1 unit, or it can have 20 units. It’s like a drink can contain 1 Oz or 2 Oz of alcohol. So the frown lines, for example, usually require 5 injection spots of 5 units each. Some clinics charge by area, but we feel this is unfair, since many patients will overpay. If the average person needs 30 units for a frown, but you only need 25, why are you paying for the extra 5? In essence people who need less are covering for people who need more when clinics charge by area.

Finally dilution: patients are sometimes worried that the Botox is over-diluted. Dilution is pretty standard around the world, but the reality is you are paying for units. If a clinic dilutes in a non-standard way they still have to charge you for the correct number of units, to do otherwise would be fraud! There is only one “Botox”, the trade name of the product manufactured by Allergan. If the deal seems to good to be true, ask to see the bottle! Any legitimate clinic will have no problem with that. 

Another factor to consider when you are looking for a clinic based on Toronto Botox cost is whether or not you actual meet a licensed Physician at your consultation. This is actually a legal requirement, since Botox is a prescription medication. Some clinics have you “meet” their doctor via Skype or over facetime on a cell pone. Our patients would never be comfortable with that, nor would we. You meet a doctor, not only at consultation, but at every visit!

If you have any further questions about Toronto Botox cost please visit or feel free to email us at We are always here to help.

Our Toronto Botox cost is fair and reasonable. Toronto Botox Prices you can afford.

Toronto Botox Cost – you get what you pay for!

There are dozens of on-line specials for Botox which seem to be too good to be true. As usual, they most likely are. Toronto Botox cost is generally $10-12 a unit if performed by a nurse. If a doctor does the injections, it is usually quite a bit more.

Botox, the real medication authorized by Health Canada and made by Allergan, has a fixed cost. So if the price seems unbelievable, like $6 per unit, be very skeptical. Some clinics may dilute the product too much, or in some cases reported in the news, use products not approved for sale in Canada.

The Toronto Botox prices our clinic offers are very reasonable – $10 per unit and always performed by our doctors who have treated tens of thousands of satisfied patients since 2001. And we often offer true specials when patients also do treatment with Juvederm.

So research your clinic carefully and make sure to give us a call at 416-515-0007!

You will be glad you did.

Toronto Botox Prices – Should I pay by area?

Patients often tell us of clinics they have visited that want to charge them by area treated. For example there is flat rate for the forehead vertical lines – say $250. This practice is common in Europe also, and we find it very unfair.

Here is why we don’t use this method for our Toronto Botox cost: say the average female patient needs 10 – 20 units for this area. Well you can be sure the clinics that use the area method of pricing are going to set the cost at an average of 15 units and probably. higher. But what if you only need 10 or 12 units? You are overpaying for the few patients who need very large units.

It’s like if gas stations set a flat rate for fill-ups. If cars need 40 – 80 litres they would set the cost above the average. So if you small car only needs 40 litres why are you subsidizing the few huge gas-guzzling SUV’s?

It is simply not fair to make patients fit into a cookie cutter mold that so that Toronto Botox prices cost them more. This is why we only charge by the unite and tailor your treatment to exactly what you need for a successful result –  nothing more, nothing less.

Do Botox Prices differ around the world?

We often see patients who have had their Botox treatments performed in cities all around the world. They wonder if Toronto Botox cost differ from say, New York, London, or Hong Kong. The simple fact is that legally produced Botox is manufactured by the Allergan Company, and they sell this prescription drug to Doctors at essentially the same price globally.

Our Doctors often check on Botox prices when they travel. If they visit Berlin or London or Miami they can tell from local advertising what the Botox prices are in different cities. And of course they compare our Toronto Botox cost with other physicians they meet at conferences and meetings. It is surprising how consistent the prices are worldwide. Of course, in some countries there may be special “deals”, but often it turns out that the product used is not actually authentic. In Canada, of course, this would be illegal.

The bottom line is that authentic Botox has a price range that is fairly even wherever you go. In New York City it ranges from about $8 to $14 (US). In London and Berlin that range is about the same.

So the Baywood Clinic price for Botox of $10(CA) per unit is not only a great deal in Toronto, but a good deal worldwide. This is why so many flight crew members visit us from various airlines when they stop over in Toronto!

So whether you live in Toronto full time, or are just visiting, make sure to visit the Doctors at the Baywood Clinic. You will be glad that you did.

Botox Cost – By Area or by Unit?

Some patients tell us their previous clinic set their Botox Cost by area – that is a certain amount for the frown, eyes etc. at a fixed price for everyone. We do not think this is fair If you only need 25 units that is all you should pay for. You can be sure those clinics set the Botox price above the average!

So if the average amount for a frown is say 28 units, the clinic will set the fixed price at 30 units. This is so they have some leeway and also to increase profit. It means it works out better if you are one of the fewer patient who needs well above average, say 35 units of Botox. But for the 60% or more who need less than 30 it is not a good deal at all!

At our clinic you only pay for what you need and we only recommend what you do need to get the result you want! We have had many patients who had been treated elsewhere who were surprised that our Toronto Botox prices ended up costing them a lot less, and they saved money. It is all about being honest and building trust – botox cost should never be a mystery.

So if you are looking for honest advice on whether Botox is right for you, and you are wondering about Toronto Botox costs, please give us a call or send an email. The Doctors at the Baywood Clinic are always happy to answer all your questions. Botox prices should never be a mystery and you can be sure you will get an honest answer and join of tens of thousands of happy patients who have visited them since 2001!