Toronto Fillers: Five Need to Know Facts

Many patients visit us at the Baywood Clinic and are interested in Toronto Fillers treatments. They have seen all the ads, and are interested in fuller lips, reducing wrinkles or fine lines, or softening facial scars. Often, they have herd horror stories about Toronto fillers, and may have gotten misleading information on the internet.

Here are five important things to know when you are considering Toronto Fillers!

Toronto Fillers should be injected by experts! Trust your face to experienced hands.

Which brand is best for my Toronto Fillers treatment?

There are literally hundreds of brands of fillers out there, with more coming out every year. Makes sense as it is a multi-billion-dollar business. But how can you be sure your Toronto clinic is using the right one, or even a safe one? At our Clinic we use Juvéderm products exclusively. It’s the world’s best-selling brand and has been around for more than 20 years.
There are many other products we have tried, and most were good, but we find that Juvéderm offers the best variety of products and the company backs them up. So, do not take a chance with your Toronto Fillers sessions – there are some spas offering unlicensed products! They may seem cheaper, but it ensures what is put into your body is safe and approved. At our clinic that is guaranteed.

Injections should not be uncomfortable if done correctly, and we can use anesthetic if needed.

Who is injecting my Toronto Fillers?

We have heard stories of unlicensed individuals injecting fillers out their homes! This is not a good idea. Injecting a filler under the dermis is a regulated medical procedure and should be performed by a physician or an experience Registered Nurse under the supervision of the Doctor. This is the Law in Ontario.

Our Toronto Fillers Clinic has a very experienced Nurse doing all injections, under the direct supervision of our Doctors. She has 10 years of experience at some of the leading Toronto filler clinics, working with Plastic Surgeon and Cosmetic Doctors. She provides beautiful, natural results. There is never any pressure for her to sell, and she often turns down patients whom she feels the treatments are not right for. So, rest assure, your face I sin good hands. You should expect the same at any clinic you visit for Toronto Fillers.

Look your best with Toronto Fillers for cheeks, lips and fine lines.

How Long will it last?

You will hear tall tales of multi-year results from many clinics trying to get your business. We rely on the truth. The length of time your Toronto Fillers will last depends on the type of Juvéderm used, and the location. For example – lips are typically treated with Juvéderm Ultra and last anywhere from 4-8 months, this is because of the constant movement of the mouth. Cheeks, done with Voluma style of Juvéderm can last 18 months.

It all depends on a variety of factors, but we will give you an honest opinion upfront. There are several brands of permanent filler on the market – many have been banned or discontinued because of complications over the years. We never use a permanent filler, since as your face changes over the years, an initial pleasing result may no longer suit you at all!
Many different areas can be treated. Consult our experts to find out what is best for you!

What about those awful looking lips I see on TV?

Many patients come because they want fuller, more balance lips created by Toronto fillers injections. Lips are the most challenging areas and require a skilled, artistic injector. Every face is different, and round, very full lips may not look right on a narrow face, for example. Look at your favorite celebrities – some have horrible lips as they follow the “pity” fashion that does not match their face at all! Our nurse balances your lips and gives an increased fullness.

The goal is to create the right look for you, not an imagined style. As the process is done you can see for yourself and ask for adjustments during the treatment. So, rest assured, you won’t get those fish or Duck lips with our Toronto Fillers treatments.

So remember just as there are plenty of Botox myths out there, the same is true about Toronto Fillers. If you visit our Clinic you will get the real scoop, honest opinions and expert care.

Toronto Filler Specials

We often see patients at our Toronto Fillers clinic who have had disappointing experiences elsewhere. With the myriad of online specials for Toronto Fillers, it is hard to  know who to trust, The reality is that may specials do not turn out to be bargains after all. Sometimes a different filler might be used than the one advertised or you may find that the injector is not very experienced.

At our Toronto fillers clinic our registered nurses have at least 10 years of vast experience with all areas of the face. And they are directly supervised by our onsite doctors, who have owned and operated the clinic since 2001.

We only use Health Canada approved products and our staff is constantly upgrading their skills at advanced training sessions. So if you are thining of trying Toronto fillers for enhancing your lips or reducing facial lines, give us a call!