Patients often wonder how they can be sure their Toronto Juvederm treatments will be safe and effective. Many spas and clinics offer Juvederm treatments. It’s hard to know how to choose your provider. After all, we are talking about changes to your face which even though temporary, should look as perfect as possible! Here are a few tips to help you select the injector that’s right for you.

Toronto Juvederm treatments can add volume or balance to many areas of your face if done properly.

Is your Toronto Juvederm injector a licensed Physician or under the direct supervision of a licensed physician?

Unfortunately, there are more and more horror stories of patients seeking Toronto Juvederm treatment who trusted unlicensed individuals with dire consequences, or even tried injecting themselves after watching a You-Tube video! It is vital to remember that injecting Juvederm below the dermis layer of the skin is a medical procedure that in Ontario requires either it be performed by a Physician or by a Nurse under the direct supervision of a doctor.

When you call a clinic enquire immediately the name of the physician who will be injecting your Juvederm, or who is directly responsible for the nurse-injector. If they hum and haw, or cannot give a satisfactory answer, get your Toronto Juvederm treatments elsewhere!

Make sure your Toronto Juvederm treatments are completed with the authorized filler from Allergan.

Is it Juvéderm?

As hard as it is to believe some Toronto Juvederm Clinics do not use authorized, authentic Juvéderm. Usually these are fly-by-night locations, or unauthorized injectors operating out of their homes, but we have had patients tell us that they went to a Toronto Juvederm Clinic and were guaranteed an unbelievable price for Juvéderm, but just before injections occurred, they found out it was another product. Of course, this is not only unethical, but a form of fraud.

Sure, there are many fillers approved by Health Canada that are safe to use, but you should get what you pay for, and what you are promised. How can you trust a clinic otherwise? At the Baywood Clinic, we use only Juvéderm products. We have found them the most reliable, sae and cost-effective over the last 20 years.

Juvederm comes in several different forms, to be used on different facial areas.

How experienced is your injector?

The single most important factor in determining a successful Toronto Juvederm experience is the skill of your injector. Many clinics have an endless revolving door of injectors. Some have very little experience, maybe a weekend course and a few patients every couple of weeks. At the Baywood Clinic our Registered Nurses have over 10 years experience, injecting dozens of patients every week. They keep up to date with ongoing continuing training by the Allergan, the manufacturer of Juvederm. They have worked at some of the top clinics in the city. They have experience in injecting Juvederm in all the areas of the face and are honest. If they do not feel that what you want is possible or not safe, they, and our Doctors, will tell you. Our goal is satisfaction, and a safe experience.

Toronto Juvederm Clinics can help you maintain your natural beauty.

What about Toronto Juvederm deals?

There are a lot of “too good to be true” deals on the internet for Juvederm injections in Toronto. That’s because they are too good to be true. Authentic Juvederm, sold only by Allergan, and approved by Health Canada as safe, has a base cost. To operate a proper clinic, there obviously is overhead, like any business. And the most expensive component is the fee for a highly trained, experienced injector. Juvederm lasts 12-18 months, so it must be as close to perfect as possible.

When you see deals offering Juvéderm for $250 or $300 per syringe, be very suspicious. Either they operate the clinic at a loss, the injector is paid very poorly because they can not command a proper salary, or it might not even be authentic Juvederm.

Some clinics will offer you half a syringe. This is very risky. Once a whole syringe is opened it is no longer perfectly sterile. Allergan advises against this, since the remaining half can be contaminated. Your best bet when choosing a Toronto Juvederm clinic is to find a place with a licensed doctor and highly experienced supervised injectors, that uses only authorized product, and has a track record or reliability and safety.

Juvederm is a wonderful product when used properly and injected correctly by experienced hands. It can give you fuller, more balanced lips, erase fine lines, add volume to your cheeks, and so much more. Be sure to be very careful when looking for a Toronto Clinic. Ask questions! Do not be pressured by sales tactics. Go home and think about it before committing. It’s you face, after all.

Which Juvederm should I use?

This is a question we get asked a lot at our Toronto Juvederm clinic. Patients get confused by all the information floating around on the Internet. It’s simply really – there are a number of different types of Juvederm. They range from very fluid small molecular weight to larger, heavier ones.

We tend to use the “lighter” ones for fine lines, the medium weight ones for lips, and the heaviest ones, like Voluma, when we need a lot of volume, in the cheeks for example.

Our doctors and nurses can determine which type is best for you. The heavier ones, like Voluma, tend to last longer than the lighter ones like Juvederm Plus. And Juvederm lasts longer in areas that don’t move as much – so cheeks will last longer than lips.

But whatever your own personal need, the staff at our Toronto Juvederm Clinic will ensure you get a natural, satisfying result! Their goal is never to upsell – it is to make sure that each patient at our Toronto Juvederm practice gets an honest and fair opinion. Juvederm treatments are not for everyone or for every condition.

The Baywood doctors make sure you receive the best advice, and if you decide to go ahead, the safest and most effective treatment.

Resting Bitch Face and Juvederm

It’s a pretty unflattering and politically incorrect term, but it’s everywhere in social media.

RBF typically means that the corners of the mouth have turned down slightly, giving a person a sort of permanent frown. Even when you feel positive and engaging, this look signals something else, much like a frown.

Juvederm. when injected by our expert nurses, can softly lift the corners of the mouth, restoring that natural smile and making you look yourself again.

Call or email and arrange a fun, no-pressure consult and banish RBF forever.