Laser clinic tips? Here are a few!

Thinking of visiting your laser clinic soon? it’s a good idea to get ready for the summer!

Summer is right around the corner (we hope!), so it’s time to start thinking of getting ready! Let’s have a look at the sorts of things you can do to look your best, from laser treatments to Botox and skin protection.

Rule # 1 – Sunscreen!

This cannot be emphasized enough. If a restaurant succeeds by location, location, location – your skin is crying out for sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Why? Well two main reasons. One is protection against ultraviolet rays that can cause skin cancers of various types, the worst of which is melanoma. Another is to avoid the sun-damage that leads to conditions like Rosacea.

The incidence of these lesions has risen over the years, and the single most important thing you can do to prevent them is avoid the sun. This means trying to minimize your time out during the sunniest part of the day (11-4), wearing a hat always, and being very diligent in applying sunscreen

There has been a myth out there for a while that sunscreens with any SPF over 30 don’t work any better, Simply not true! Several recent research studies have demonstrated that higher SPF’s work much better – our laser clinic Doctors really love the Neutrogena 110 SPF. It comes in a cream and a convenient spray, and really feels very dry. One of the Doctors used it while on vacation and found it offered the best sun protection he has ever experienced.

Our laser clinic finds this sunscreen to be very effective

Some laser clinic patients with acne or other skin conditions worry about the oiliness of sunscreen. But apart from the Neutrogena there are several other sunscreens that offer great protection while being sensitive and acne skin friendly. Elle magazine lists a few in this article.

Finally, don’t forget your lips! The skin is very thin and highly sensitive. It is a good idea to use a lip balm with an SPF built in.

Make sure to use your high SPF sunscreen on areas that you want the skin to remain wrinkle and sun damage free forever – your face, hands, and chest area. It’s Ok to get a bit of sun elsewhere, maybe use a 30SPF on body parts, but do not get burned. We do need sun for Vitamin D, but just remember that moderation is best.

The sun will damage your skin, creating thinner skin, sun spots, worsen Rosacea, and so forth. So, although there are laser treatments for these problems, prevention is always your best option. There is no reason with basic care, your skin cannot look great at any age!

My Wedding’s in 6 weeks! I want Laser Clinic to do Tattoo Removal ASAP!

OOOOPS! If you have a very special event this Summer, and you must get rid of that tattoo, it’s too late now! Therefore, we implore patients to start their removal in the Fall prior to any big event, like a wedding or graduation. It usually takes 3 – 5 sessions to lighten a tattoo enough for a cover-up make-up to work. Sometimes, if a patient is lucky, and the tattoo is faint, it might lighten enough in 2-3 sessions. Remember, you need 6 weeks between sessions, any quicker increases the risk of complications. This follows the recommendations of the American Academy of Dermatology.

Tattoo removal is a big reason for visits to our laser clinic each Spring

Don’t be misled by false claims about laser tattoo removal working any faster or using those special creams you see on the Internet. Laser Tattoo removal is a delicate, time-consuming process. If it is done well, in professional hands with the proper equipment, it leaves patients very happy. But there are a lot of myths out there.

So, if you have waited too long to get rid of that tattoo for this summer, start planning now for next year. Our laser tattoo removal clinic is always ready and happy to answer any questions you might have.

Botox! Botox!

Ok, so you messed up with the tattoo timing. But you don’t want those wedding photos to feature you squinting! Every Fall our Botox clinic sees patients who recoiled in horror when the photos came out, and they had that angry, frowning face on front and center.

A lot of patients want to look their best for summer special events, or for their vacations, and pop in around June for their Summer Botox treatment. Or new patients, hearing about our Botox Special, decide that summer is the best time to give it a try. Our Busiest months for Botox treatments in Toronto are typical May and early June (followed by December, of course).
So, if you want to spruce up a bit, and stop that frown, or that squinting that leads to crows’ feet, Spring is the time to make time for that Botox session.

Summer heat worsens axillary hyperhidrosis symptoms. Visit your botox and laser clinic to learn how you can find help.

Don’t Sweat It!

While we are on the topic of Botox, did you know it works wonders for excessive underarm sweating or axillary hyperhidrosis? May patients decide to try it for the first time in May or June, having heard about it on the Internet or from another of our patients. That way they can be dry during the season when their sweating is normally the worst. Botox for this condition is covered by many group insurance plans. See our website for information, or feel free to contact us.

Get Rid of the Razors! Have your laser clinic get rid of that hair forever.

Summer means beaches, patios, shorts and dresses. That also means endless hassles shaving, plucking and waxing? Or does it? Of course not! Laser hair removal  to the rescue! It’s a simple procedure, if you are careful which clinic you choose – one with proper medical supervision, highly experienced laser operators and proper equipment. And avoid falling for those myths.

Laser hair removal is the most popular treatment at most laser clinics.

The beauty of laser hair removal is that you don’t need to worry about shaving and waxing all summer – a treatment in June will typically clear you for 6-12 weeks. So, a couple of sessions are all that is needed to get through the summer. But you will have to be careful not to tan before your treatments. So again, it is probably advisable to start your treatments at a laser clinic in the Fall and through the Winter, leaving off sessions in the hot Summer months.

Enjoy yourself!

Summer can be a great time to meet up with friends, attend weddings, and get out and enjoy some entertainment or outdoor sporting activities. Some of these tips can help you look your best, and keep your skin looking great for years to come. And one final thing – hydration. It’s important to keep well-hydrated during the hot summer months.


Most of us fail to drink enough water per day, about two litres. And if your exercising you do need more. A lot of those sugary sports drinks aren’t really that great – we recommend Hydralyte.  It’s available at most pharmacies – just pop a tablet into a litre of water. When it dissolves it creates a solution well-balanced in electrolytes and other things your body needs to rehydrate. And it’s a lot less expensive than those sports drinks!

Plan Now to Visit your Toronto Laser Clinic in the Fall!

Summer is time to relax and enjoy some time off and some sunny days. But you might also want to consider planning ahead for the Fall. Lots of patients wait too late to begin their treatments for things like laser tattoo removal and spider vein treatment. They put it off until Summer is almost upon them. Summer is a good time to book a consultation at our laser clinic in Toronto. Even though you may not start your treatment until the Fall, at least you have got all the information, and can plan ahead. This way the treatments are done when there is less sun, and you will be wearing long sleeves and pants (if the areas are visible).

Then you are all set to go for next summer. So give our Laser Clinic a call. We are always happy to do your consultation even if the treatments do not begin for a while!