Toronto Microdermabrasion

At our Toronto Microdermabrasion Clinic our Doctors utilize state of the art technology.

Are you thinking of Microdermabrasion? Consider the following:


1) Microdermabrasion is really a very superficial treatment.

At best it removes 10 microns of dead, surface skin. This definitely won’t help scarring, or any significant discoloration or even mild wrinkles.

At our Toronto Microdermabrasion Clinic, the doctors use powerful, yet gentle lasers, to do MicroLaserPeels that remove 20 – 50 microns of skin. This is enough to effect real change in your skin! Or, for conditions like acne, facial redness, or discoloration of the skin, other lasers are used that treat the problem specifically.

2)  Microdermabrasion is almost always performed by Aestheticians or Nurses.

At our Clinic, only Board Certified Laser Physicians perform all of your procedures personally!

3)  When you go for microdermabrasion, are you ever actually meeting a doctor?

Cosmetic Skin Care is really a serious business. We see far too many patients who have been improperly diagnosed or treated by non-medical spas. At the Baywood Clinic, your initial assessment is with the Doctor, and a specific treatment plan is discussed and followed that is right for you.

4)  Microdermabrasion packages cost $600 – $1000 or more.

Laser treatment is no more costly, and is far more effective. It also usually takes far less time, and fewer sessions!

5)  What can be treated?

We have lasers specific for the following, click on the links to see more information about the specific treatment


Skin Rejuvenation

Acne Scarring

Facial Redness or Veins

Facial discoloration (Brown/Age Spots, freckles)


To book your consultation with the Doctor, call our Toronto Microdermabrasion Clinic 416 515 0007

We look forward to helping you!