Here’s some Toronto Summer Fun events for locals and tourists alike!

Rom Friday Nights


ROM Friday Nights are a fun way to meet new people in Toronto this Summer. Toronto Summer fun at its best!

Looking for some Toronto Summer Fun? The Royal Ontario Museum hosts special Friday night events for singles. These are a combination dance-party and friendly meet-up for young people in the amazing ambience of the museum. There’s fantastic, live entertainment, dancing, designer cocktails, and just plenty of Toronto Summer fun.

For example, the Mardi Gras Night boasts some seriously good performers like DJ L’Oqenz, a multi-media whiz and turntable master and DJ Agile who is a NXNE Rising Star winner. Alex Pangman and Her Alleycats will be swinging away too, as the Juno nominee blasts out standards of the Classic Jazz era.

Known as Canada’s Sweetheart of Swing. With pipes aplenty, Juno nominee Pangman possesses the requisite taste, talent and the historical knowledge of an avid record collector to breathe new life into the sturdy standards of the classic jazz era.
There are several other performers as well – DJ’s, a burlesque show and bands. It makes for a wildly diverse and entertaining evening.

There is plenty of great food to go around too, from fresh Mexican to delicious Japanese, Indian and Filipino street food. And don’t forget the amazing Crème Caramel and Ice Cream Volcanos!
It’s a super night out and a wonderful Toronto event where you will make plenty of new friends, dance the night away, and enjoy fine food and cocktails. See their website for a full listing of events!

Visit the Hunny Pot Cannabis Store

Check out the Hunny Pot if you are interested in finding out about Cannabis. It’s a fun things to do in Toronto this Summer.

Yes, Cannabis is now legal in Canada, and the Hunny Pot on Queen Street is Toronto’s first and most famous shop. It is located on the ultra-hip stretch of Queen Street with great clubs, trendy shops and cafés. It’s packed in the Summer with tourists and locals from around the world. So even if you are not a cannabis consumer yourself, it is worth a visit while you are checking out the rest of Queen Street itself.

The shop is high tech – you order on tablets from a vast array of products that the super-helpful staff will describe and recommend. While you wait for your order you can browse the dozens off pipes, bongs and other merchandise. Or pick up a cool t-shirt for someone back home.

Customers and the curious having a browse at Toronto’s Hunny Pot Cannabis Emporium

If you’re a teetotaller, that’s OK. The shop is happy to let you explore and it makes for an interesting story and social media post to your friend back home. It’s some Toronto Summer fun you can write home about!

Castle Loma

Beautiful Castle Loma is always a fun thing to do in Toronto!

Yes, Toronto has its own castle! It was the home of one of Canada’s richest men before the government sort of taxed it away. It sits high up on a hill in central Toronto and is now a fantastic place to visit and attend number of events.

For example, there is always a fabulous tea garden party every Mother’s Day. And every day there are tours of the beautiful grounds and the artwork collections inside. Halloween always has some special hauntings! But it really comes alive in the Summer as it is the perfect venue for music and even comedy.

This Summer Mondays are reserved for Soul Night with Sean Jones and the Righteous Echo, Tuesdays sees Classical music featured with the Toronto Concert Orchestra, and Wednesdays some great local comics. There’s a super bar on -site and nothing beats live outdoor entertainment on a warm Summer night under the stars.


Canada’s Wonderland Roller Coasters

For real Toronto Fun, see it upside down at Canada’s Wonderland

It’s a way out of Toronto, but if you want the high-speed rush of the World’s most intense rollercoaster, it’s worth the trip. There are all sorts of other rides, events, and games at Canada’s largest and most famous amusement park. But nowadays the trek is made by roller-coaster aficionados as they want to tangle with the multiple high-speed, high rush coasters with intimidating names like the Leviathan and the Behemoth.

But the newest member of this crazy menagerie is the Yukon Striker, the world’s longest, tallest and, most importantly, fastest dive roller-coaster – Yukon Striker! Experience a 90-degree drop, 245 feet down to an underwater tunnel. Suddenly you will dive at speeds of 130 km/h through four dynamic inversions, including a 360-degree loop – the only one of its kind for a dive roller-coaster.

It’s set a few world records: fastest dive coaster at 80 mph, longest dive coaster at 3,625 feet, and tallest dive coaster at 245 feet – includes underground.

So, if you like the rush of high-speed coasters check it out. Even if you don’t there’s plenty of other activities at the park, and you can always watch in awe as your friends or other park goers brave the wild beasts of Canada’s Wonderland.

The Budweiser Stage

Toronto Summer fun things to do? See some rock and roll, hip hop or Country music at the Budweiser Stage.

It’s a great outdoor venue for music and this summer has a fantastic line-up. If you’re into heavy metal they’ve got Slipknot, Korn, Alice in Chains and Iron Maiden. Classic Rock acts like King Crimson, and Smashing Pumpkins are in town. And for the cool grooves of Phish, check it out. A whole array of diverse styles – Sarah Mclaughlin, Willie Nelson, Carlos Santana, Beck, and the Doobie Brothers. It’s one of the wildest line-ups We have seen in a long time. Tickets go fast so check out the site.

The weather’s almost always good, and it’s a great venue for sound. And nothing beats listening to your favorite band under the stars.

Toronto Summer Fun Festivals and other major events.

Caribana is always a fun Toronto event – full of color

Summer is awash with fantastic festivals, the Toronto Jazz festival , Luminato ( a month-long arts fest with dozens of major exhibitions, hundreds of smaller ones, and late nights at galleries), and of course the world famous Caribana, the largest celebration of Caribbean culture in the world. It draws celebrities from all over the world – NBA stars, musicians and film stars are spotted regularly. There are Mas bands, amazing nightlife, and even Drake gets in on the act with his own special events. Although if the Raptors don’t win the NBA title he may be in mourning this Summer.

A beautiful installation at Luminato, A major month-long art event in Toronto this Summer.

And if you are in the mood to party you may want to spruce up a bit. You can always visit our Toronto Laser Clinic for some Botox, fillers, or other treatments. We are happy to see you, and wish yo all the best for this summer of fun!