Laser hair therapy can’t be done in a single day. It needs weeks of preparation to get the right results. If you want your hair removal to go smoothly, read and follow these tips weeks before your first session.


Go for a Consultation

The first thing that you need to do before making an appointment to get laser hair removal in downtown Toronto is to have a consultation. Our clinic offers every client a complimentary consultation with a board-certified doctor. They will look over your medical history to see if you’re a good candidate for the procedure.


They will also answer any questions that you might have, like where you can and can’t get laser hair removal and how long you have to wait to see your results. Undergoing a consultation will make sure that you’re confident and stress-free during your first session.

Stay out of the Sun

You should avoid sun exposure for a maximum of six weeks before going through with your laser therapy session. Tanned skin can skew the results of the treatment. The laser targets dark, thick hairs. When you tan the skin, the laser will have more trouble distinguishing the pigment of the skin with the pigment of the hair.


Another reason why you should avoid tanning is that it increases your chances of dealing with complications like hyperpigmentation (patch of darker skin) or scarring. Don’t panic — we have never had a case of scarring in our sessions.


What you should do weeks before the appointment:


  • Wear broad-spectrum sunscreen
  • Cover up the area with clothing
  • Limit outdoor activities
  • Avoid sunbathing
  • Avoid tanning beds
  • Avoid creams and lotions that darken the skin


This is why the best time to start laser hair removal is in the fall/winter since you’re likely to wear more clothing and stay indoors. Unless you go on vacation to a tropical destination, you’re probably not going to get a full-body tan.

What You Need to Do Right before Your Laser Hair Removal Session

Double-Check Your Medication

Certain vitamins, antibiotics and other prescription medications can increase your photosensitivity. These will make you more sensitive to sun exposure, which means that you could accidentally come in with tanned or sunburnt skin. It also means that you will be more sensitive to laser therapy, putting you at risk of complications like hyperpigmentation or blisters.


You should talk to the clinic doctor and your personal physician about going off of the medication before your hair removal sessions. Click this link to find a list of sun-sensitizing drugs to see whether any of your medications should be avoided.


Avoid Hair Removal

Laser hair treatment targets the hair from the roots. Hair removal methods like waxing, plucking and electrolysis will temporarily remove the hair from the root. So, if you do these removal methods in the weeks before your session, the laser treatment can be ineffective. You have to leave it alone. Let it grow out for four weeks.


The day before your appointment, you should pick up a disposable razor and carefully shave the area that you want to be treated. Shaving keeps the hair roots intact. Doing this before your session will protect your skin from the laser pulses. Otherwise, the targeted hairs could burn the surface. On the day of your appointment, you should shave the area again. If you forget, the clinic attendants will do it for you before starting the treatment.


Consider That Time of the Month

Female patients may want to consider the time of the month that they’re scheduling their laser therapy sessions. When you’re menstruating, you are likely to have decreased pain tolerance that could be exacerbated by the treatment session. If you’re already dealing with common symptoms like cramping, lower backache and fatigue, it could be a challenging experience to put yourself through.


You should also know that taking ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, Midol, etc.) before a session will increase your chances of bruising. It should be avoided at least 48 hours before the appointment. Since ibuprofen is a popular medication for relieving menstrual pain, you should be wary of scheduling your sessions too close to your period.

What You Need to Do Right before Your Laser Hair Removal Session

Take Care of Yourself

You don’t want to undergo laser therapy unless you’re feeling 100%. You’ll want to take steps to be well-rested and energized for the session.


Drinking too much the night before is a bad idea. You won’t want to get out of bed and make your way to the clinic when you have a pounding headache and a sour stomach. More importantly, you should know that hangovers make laser therapy more painful — this is because your nervous system is more sensitive to light, touch and noise. So, you’re better off skipping the alcoholic drinks.


You should get a good night’s sleep. For one, it will make you feel more emotionally ready. There’s a lower chance that you’ll be agitated or anxious. Secondly, there is a direct connection between pain and sleep. Researchers have found that sleep loss amplifies the body’s sensitivity to pain and the brain’s ability to effectively create natural painkillers. Getting less than your standard seven to nine hours of sleep could make your session much more uncomfortable.


What else should you do to make sure that you’re in top form for your session:

  • Avoid caffeinated drinks
  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat balanced meals
  • Practice de-stressing exercises (meditation, deep breathing, etc.)


Look out for Breakouts

Keep your eye out for skin breakouts and flare-ups on the area that you want to be treated. Problems like acne, eczema or cold sores can impact the results of laser therapy. If you notice a breakout, you should call up the clinic and cancel the appointment. You can reschedule it for a time when your skin is healed.


Any Questions?

You should get in touch with us today if you still have any questions or concerns about preparing for your laser hair removal. Give us a call at 416-515-0007. Or you can send us an email at


It seems like a lot of effort at first, but it will be well worth it when the sessions are over. You will be amazed at the smooth and hairless skin. You’ll be wondering why you waited so long to do the treatment in the first place.