When you picture someone getting Botox, what age are they? It’s easy to assume that the average Botox patient is above the age of 50, but the reality is that younger and younger patients are coming through the clinic’s doors for the exact same procedure. Read about why people in their 20s and 30s are booking these appointments before they even have deep-set wrinkles.

Botox 101

Before we explain why younger demographics are getting Botox, we need to give a brief explanation about what the treatment does. Botox is an injectable drug that uses a small dosage of the botulinum toxin to block the signals sent between the nerves and the muscles. After an injection, the muscle will be in a relaxed state and will not contract even when the nerve is pushing it to do so. This is how the drug can smooth out dynamic wrinkles — also known as expression wrinkles — on the face.

The face is full of dynamic wrinkles. These are fine lines and grooves caused by the movements in our face, like smiling or frowning. The muscles contract and make a line in your skin. When they relax, the line disappears. But, the repetition of this contracting and releasing eventually leaves a lasting mark. The dynamic lines stay visible when the face is calm and expressionless. Over time, the dynamic wrinkles become a prominent feature.

Here are some examples of dynamic wrinkles:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Laugh lines
  • Forehead lines
  • Lip lines
  • Worry lines

Botox will block the nerve signals, which forces the muscles to relax. The method smooths out the visible wrinkles and makes a face look younger and calmer. The results of the injectables don’t last forever. The results tend to last between three to four months before you need to go back for another round of treatment. Botox requires upkeep. It’s like dyeing your hair, waxing your eyebrows or getting your nails done.

Botox does not work on static wrinkles. These are wrinkles caused by the loss of collagen in the face, mostly due to aging. Sun damage, smoking cigarettes and other unhealthy lifestyle choices can speed up static wrinkles. Problems with static wrinkles can be solved with dermal fillers like Juvederm.

Preventative Botox

The reason why people in their 20s and 30s are getting Botox injections is that they are trying preventative Botox. They don’t want to wait for wrinkles to set in their face before getting the cosmetic treatment done. They want to slow down the formation of wrinkles completely. Essentially, they want to beat their wrinkles before they arrive.

The preventative Botox works by training muscles in the face to avoid dynamic wrinkles over time and slow the visible signs of aging. Some experts believe that it’s a better method than reactive Botox because it gradually disciplines other muscles in the face. This means that the signs of aging are evenly distributed across the face, not concentrated on certain “problem” areas.

The technique follows the popular motto that the best defence is a strong offence. By being proactive about anti-aging treatments, patients are preventing the lines and grooves from showing up.

Why Are People More Comfortable Getting Preventative Botox?

The Stigma Is Fading

Years ago, the only time you would see open discussion about the injections was on the small screen. And as you can tell by our blog about TV episodes that featured Botox and similar injections, the entertainment world wasn’t very good at demonstrating the reality of the treatment. There was a lot of panic surrounding facial paralysis and failed results.

That panic has subsided over time. The stigma hasn’t completely disappeared, but people don’t feel as strongly as they did when it first gained traction as a cosmetic treatment.

Social Media Is Spreading the Word

Social media has played a massive role in drawing millennial users toward cosmetic procedures like dermal fillers and Botox. Celebrities are sharing their cosmetic procedures in tell-all interviews and memoirs. Influencers are sharing their experiences with the injectables with their followers on Instagram and YouTube.

Clinics are posting about Botox treatments on social media, where people can see how natural and subtle the procedure can look like when practiced by a medical professional. We even share useful articles and interesting updates about our Botox clinic in Toronto on a Facebook page. Since it’s easy to access credible information about the treatment, people feel more comfortable trying it out for themselves.

Skincare Is All the Rage

The current skincare craze is another likely reason for the growing popularity in preventative Botox injections. Millennials, especially millennial women, are incredibly concerned about their skincare routines. They buy Korean facemasks, expensive vitamin-infused serums, experimental creams, cleansers and peels. They join online forums dedicated to skincare so that they can read the latest product recommendations and tips.

There are several reasons behind this surge of skincare obsession. The most basic reason is that they want to have clear, healthy, glowing skin. Another reason is that millennials use their nightly routine to unwind after a long day. They will put on a face mask or blackhead remover as they catch up on their favourite show on Netflix or fold their laundry. It’s a form of self-care.

And, of course, millennials are getting older and want their skin to look as best as it can be. The intention may not be to look ten years younger, but they certainly don’t want the tell-tale signs that come with aging like fine lines and creases. Some have caught on that anti-aging creams don’t compare to Botox treatments and dermal fillers when it comes to results, adding the injectables to their regimen alongside their retinol serums and vitamin-infused moisturizers. Using the cosmetic treatment in tandem with dermatologist-approved skincare products is an effective way to get long-lasting benefits.

Get a Consultation

If you’re interested in trying out this treatment, you should book a consultation with a highly-trained Botox doctor. Click here to learn more about our clinic and essential information like appointment preparation and aftercare. You can always send us an email or call us whenever you have a pressing question.

Botox doesn’t have to be a reactionary procedure for people who already have prominent wrinkles. Younger patients are figuring out that they can stop those wrinkles from showing up later on. It’s a cosmetic treatment that’s looking toward the future. So get in touch with the Doctors at the Baywood Clinic, they will be happy to hear from you!