Sometimes you come to regret your tattoo, and that’s okay. At Baywood Laser & Cosmetic Clinic we can make that tattoo vanish with the help of our experienced physicians and state of the art lasers.

According to Market Research, 110,000 tattoo removal procedures were performed in 2017 alone.

That number comes as little surprise as more and more people are utilizing tattoo removal treatments to correct what would otherwise be a permanent regret.

The thing is, even with more opting for tattoo removal services, many continue to live in regret of their ink because of all of the misconceptions surrounding how the process actually works. No two tattoos are the same, so no two removal processes are the same – which is why it’s a good idea to preface the treatment with a consultation and some research of your own.

If you’re debating the idea of getting your old tattoo removed, have no shame — you’re not the first to outgrow your tattoo and won’t be the last. After all, there are countless celebrities who have used tattoo removal services to erase or cover up memories of ex-spouses. The most important thing is to be educated and know what the process is.

At our Toronto laser skin clinic, we will make sure that you are prepared going into your treatment. Considering all of the misconceptions surrounding tattoo removal it’s best to get some things clarified.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us to learn about our tattoo removal services and to discuss what to expect from the process. Our clinic in Toronto offers high-quality tattoo removal, laser hair removal and Botox treatments — and that’s not even half of the services we provide.

These are the things you likely didn’t know about tattoo removal that you should know before you head in for your treatment:

Location Matters

Where your tattoo is on your body has a massive impact on how hard it is to remove. According to Marie Clare, the closer your tattoo is to your heart the easier it is to remove. This is because areas closer to the heart have better circulation, which provides better results.

The further away from your heart the ink is — think extremities like your arms and legs — the longer it will take for the tattoo to fade, which means more sessions will be necessary.

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Size Has an Impact

The size of your tattoo matters when you are considering tattoo removal because the bigger it is, the longer it will take to remove. That being said, the bigger your tattoo is, the more expensive the process will likely be.

It’s key to book a consultation before embarking on the removal process so you can have an educated idea of how much you are spending and how long the removal will take. This way, there will be no surprises when you find out the cost and time involved in removing an entire sleeve tattoo for example.

How Long You’ve Had Your Tattoo Matters

In reality when you are removing your tattoo, the longer you’ve had it, the better. It can be challenging to remove a new tattoo that has more pigmentation and hasn’t had the opportunity to age.

According to Teen Vogue, because tattoos fade over the years, it’s easier to do a clean removal of an older tattoo.

It’s Not That Painful

Getting a tattoo removed may not be the most comfortable thing you’ve ever experienced, but it’s not nearly as painful as it’s made out to be. If your tattoo is small enough, you can use ice and numbing cream to reduce discomfort.

According to Teen Vogue, even though tattoo removal involves considerably intense lasers, anesthetic is effective in making the process a lot more comfortable.

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Amateur VS. Professional Tattoos

How you got your tattoo done is significant when considering your tattoo removal. For example, an amateur tattoo is a lot easier to remove. A professionally done tattoo, however, uses more pigmentation and higher quality ink that can take longer to remove.

Dermatologist Amy Wechsler, M.D., confirmed to SELF that amateur tattoos are placed superficially, carbon-based, and done with a single colour. This contributes to them being a lot easier to remove than complex professional tattoos.

All Ink Can Be Removed

According to Tattooaholic, of the 45 million Americans who have at least one tattoo, 17 percent regret getting theirs done.

The good news is that, according to Glamour, you can remove all ink hues with tattoo removal. While some colours are definitely more stubborn, advanced technology has made it possible to remove the most resistant of colours.

At our clinic, we use a combination of laser wavelengths to take on different ink colours. Because of this, we can make sure even the most stubborn colours get effectively removed.

You Will Need Multiple Treatments

Don’t expect to get your tattoo removed in one sitting. Tattoo removal involves multiple sessions to effectively break down your tattoo.

The more colours it has and the larger it is, the longer it takes to remove. Your cost will be dependent on your tattoo’s size and subsequently how many treatments you require.

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Some Colours Are Easier to Remove Than Others

Even though technology has made it possible for all colours to be removed in the tattoo removal process, there are definitely some colours that elongate the procedure.

According to SELF, black tattoos are significantly easier to remove than those with a lot of colours. Green and blue are semi-challenging colours to remove, while yellow, white and purple are the hardest to get rid of.

Tattoo Removal at Baywood Clinic

At Baywood Clinic, we have the lowest tattoo removal rates and use state-of-the-art lasers. Our board-certified doctors personally operate our Q-Switched, Alexandrite and ND-Yag lasers to remove your tattoo.

These lasers release powerful beams of light which get absorbed by the ink particles of your skin. These lights fragment the ink particles which allows your body to naturally absorb the particles.

You can trust us with your tattoo removal; our experienced medical professionals remove over 100 tattoos a month and work with your comfort in mind.

Get in touch today to book a consultation and determine the best course for your tattoo removal. We’re happy to answer all of your tattoo removal questions and work together to form a plan of action.

Sometimes a cover-up is your best bet!

A lot of patients regret their tattoos and visit us to have them removed. Sometimes they realize the design was not what they planned, or just turned out badly. Sometimes the tattoo is faded or just seems out of place 15 years later.

Everyone has a different opinion of what is art, and some tattoos are just awful! Just ask these artists!

But it is not always necessary to completely remove your tattoo. Sometimes the best bet is to fade it a bit and then cover it. Usually we tell patients who are unsure that they should think about things. It’s not always possible to remove a tattoo completely, and no legitimate clinic will ever guarantee that. We work with several excellent artists in town and they often send us patients who are thinking of a cover-up.

So, take your time and reflect on what you really want. If the tattoo removal is not going as fast as you like, or it looks like it might not be perfect, having a cover-up back up plan is a good idea. You might even find a master artist like Misha in town to make it all good!